My Aunt

My first time for sex was with my Aunt.
I lived with them after I lost my parents and one day while I was trying to get on their ponys back she kicked me in the thigh. Aunt Anna checked out the bruise and when my **** started to get hard when she was looking at me she took it and stroked it a few times asking if it felt good when I said yes she went down on me and sucked me off.
Later when I was about 12 she taught me how to have sex.
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4 Responses Feb 6, 2011

how big her finger

Love the story! Did you do her often?:)

Nice! Did she have hot body too?

Nicer ride! Especially if she had nice ****??

i have same experience with relatives. first was my father and other was my 2nd cousin. i have no idea if my mom knew about it (probably she knew) it was not really a sex just fondling, which i believe the reason why i have a 'tendency'.. that was a long time and fully understand now whatever..

do u still have sex with her this time..