rape and pain

stroke n blood

confusion n shame

loss of self like all the

times of sexual abuse

as a child
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3 Responses Feb 7, 2011

I m feeling very sorry for you . May lord christ give you strength to lead your life fearlessly .

i do not know u find my comment distrubing or stupid, ur heart will never be in comfort untill u do not take revenege, its is in the LAW OF GOD, atleast the book i follow in that its written, * we(GOD) have made a revenge a means of comfort for the beliver*,, and if u can not take revenge wait but do not forgive,GOD will give u the chance eg saving other girl from being a rape and brige for ur anger to come out from ur life, thank u GOD BLESS YOU

My humble sympathy to you for what you have gone through. Time heals all wounds and hope that you will be able to get over this.