My 1st With Another Girl

so before i had my best friend, Bri, come over to spend the night
before she moved and we were laying in my twin sized bed laughing adn
giggling at stuff and i jokingly slid my arm around her side and onto
her stomach and said "hey babe" with a wink. and then she giglled and
did it right back to me and it kind of went from there. she climbed on
to of me and leaned down and gave me a really long kiss, teasing me by
running the tip of her tongue over my lips before she pushed it deep
into my mouth exploringly and she pulled my tank top up just a little
bit and sliped her hand under my shirt, slowly sliding it up my
stomach and to my boobs, where she rubbed her thumb around my nipple.
i grabbed her *** and pulled her up and lightly bit her nippple thru
her tanktop and then rolled her over on to her back and kissed and
nibbled and licked her ear as my hands slid her booty shorts down a
little bit. i kissed down her neck and onto her ****, after i took off
her shirt, and my fingertips barely brushed her *****, teasing her.
she moaned and gasped a little as she shifted under me. i scooted down
and licked her wet ***** just a little with quick flicks of my tongue
until she was practically dripping and was begging me for more. so i
pushed my tongue deep inside her ***** as her back arched and she
cried out. i did that for a little bit and then i moved up and kissed
her hard as i pushed my fingers into her ***** and she cummed all over
my hand. then she grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand to her mouth and
licked my fingers until they were cleaned off. and then she grined at
me and pushed me off of her and got ontop of me again and pinned my
wrists down to the bed and  grabbed some of my scarves and tied me
down, and licked my lips slowly. then moved down and licked and
nibbled my **** until i was gasping and getting wet. she moved lower
and began to rub and lick my **** and i was gasping and trying to
move. it felt like fire was flowing thru me and i needed more so a
begged and begged until she finally pushed 3 of her fingers deep into
my ***** as her tongue brushed over my **** and i exploded. she slid
back up and kissed me and pushed her tongue in my mouth and i could
taste my *** on it and yeah. that was basically it.
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That story was super hot. Thank you for sharing. Feel free to add me

Hahaha alright I will sometime ;)

It was so intense and completely erotic and amazing.

so are you continuing this activity?

Thanks =)

Sounds wonderful :)

Sounds wonderful :)

what can I say except I wish that was me and you!

Hahaha if only.

I showed her your picture last night and she says she could weird and wonderful things with you she is a breast girl and thinks yours are awesome and i totally agree. Come to Dubai and you can have her

Wow she sounds like a truly amazing woman! I would so love to meet her!

Dear lakeserpent i should introduce to my 24 year old drop dead georgous bi sexual girlfriend linda, i my myself am a bi male but this girl who is my best buddy in the world has a tongue she can actually touch the bottom of her chin and it is lovely and pointy i always love the feel of it when she is sucking my ****, she has these long fingers lovely and slender and well taken care of, you should watch her work a woman i have sat in a few sessions with her and some ladies with my **** in my watching her probe every inch of a womans body and trust she leaves them so ****** that they cannot move afterwards, there is no man in the world could make a woman *** like she can she has there juices flowing so much that they leave stains on the bed, and always when i am there watching i have to dump my load down her throat because she loves *** drinking, but i always have to return the favour she also likes to watch me and some other guy i usually pick some bi friends of mine because when we are finished she likes to join us for a *********. She is so much fun we have a continuous bet which turns us on that we go hunting for 100% hetrosexuals male and female and try and turn them so far she is winning but were as if get some guy to **** me they usually go away in guilt and i do not see them again but when she does her magic with a hetro woman they come back frequently. Anyway i enjoyed your story which reminded me of her.

You're very welcome. =)

Thanks. =)


Yeah I enjoyed it alot! ;)<br />
Glad ya'll liked it!