Two Virgins

Way back in 1961 when I was a rookie cop in London,I had no girlfriend and few friends as I was from Scotland and younger than most of the old sweats.I discovered that my police ID got me into any local cinema for free,so I spent most evenings watching various films instead of sitting in my room reading.There was a cinema right next door to my first station,so I was there a lot and eventually got to know one of the girls who worked there as an usherette.She was about the same age as me,20,and she liked to go to an other cinema on her days off,so we wound up going together and soon became a couple.I rode a motorcycle then and she would sit behind me as we visited other places.Often we would spend an evening at her house with her parents,just talking as there was no TV just a radio.After a while her and I would be allowed to be together in their sitting room while the parents stayed by the fire in the kitchen with the radio.She would sit on my knee and I would explore her body under her clothing with my hands,getting more adventureous as time went bye.One evening she reached her hand into my pants and found my penis standing there rock hard as I was rubbing her breasts.She got up and kissed me as she took off her panties and sat down again.She opened my pants zip and brough out my penis and began to kiss it and lick it,then she raised up and sat down on my erect penis slipping it into her *****.She already knew that i had not had sex before and she told me that she had  not either.We began ro slip in and out and shortly we both reached a climax.

After that first experience we would often have sex in that sitting room,also oten down at her front door as we said goodnight standing in the dark hallway
keeping watch for any of the other residents coming out of their flats.We were together for a couple of years and had regular sessions as often as we could manage.She moved from home to her own place for a while and I would stay overnight when possible enjoying her body.Once we stayed at her aunt and uncle's place out in the Oxfordshire countryside,and she would sneak into my bed when all were asleep.After a couple of years we sort of drifted appart and eventually parted,which was when I found my lovely lady MILF,which is another story.
Rapolis Rapolis
66-70, M
4 Responses Apr 15, 2011

Great story, thanks!

I liked your story, taking big risks in your girlfriends house, the parents could have walked in at anytime, but a ride is always worth a risk I think.<br />
I did 35 years in the Police rising through the ranks, now retired and loving doing nothing.

A lovely story, I remember the slow way things happened in the 1960's all far more innocent in those days, although you seemed to do all right with the girlfriend.