When I Was 12 Years Old I Was Raped By My Uncle & His Nephew.

When I was 12 y/o I was big for my age.My uncle would take me to the h/s he was the NRA instuctor for the guy's that wanted to compete in the club's.He would take me down to the firing range,this day he had another cousin of mine with him,he always locked the door behind him so no one could come in and be hurt or bother him while he was instucting .HAHA He said get down on the mat on your tummy and while I was trying to shoot he began rubbing my *** and ****,I was instructed to put the rifle down and unbutton my shirt and loosen my pants,he had his little **** out & told me to suck it & lick its head,he was always coming before I even put it into my mouth,he never came in my mouth he just wanted to feel it go into my tight ***,as soon as he put it in he would fill my cavity with some hot ***.Then he would instruct my cousin who was 23 to rub my **** until it was about to pop,then stop and put his **** into my mouth which I was suppose to suck and deepthroat ( it had to be 9 inches long & uncut.I was always so hot and horny after my Uncle would **** me ( he was 62 ) I asked one time why me he said the little boys in Italy **** and suck and take it up the *** just like the women and since his wife had died I was his ****,**** etc,david would get tothe point and withdraw & enter my *** further in and he would open me up and then he would **** for what seemed like forever and then he would pull out & tell me to open my mouth,thats when my Uncle would hold me down and hold my nose and tell me to swallow every bit of it.This happened for about 6 months.Also during this time they would both suck my male ****,breasts and to this day they are huge w/long nipples.I told my mother one day about Uncle Joe she said Why would you say anything like that about your Uncle,told me to go to the Church and ask for forgiveness,instead I talked to Father Hawker & told him ,he called the Police they came,we talked they investigated & they were both arrested.My mother said is this true,she asked me this after they had said what they had done.Thats when I was sent away to live w/my grandparents.I have been married twice & now my wife has a ( CA ) so no sex,now I suck and deepthroat and swallow when I want to & I do not let anyone hold my head down while I am sucking I enjoy it.
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maybe you have turned into a queer

I dont understand why after all these years I now cannot live with out having a **** or two a day I dont understand why I ned to swallow the ***.It makes me sooooooooo horny just thinking about a guy with his **** down my throat trying to skull **** me twisting my nipples and talking dirty to me makes me what to suck his **** and balls dry. & I want more every day just like a Vampire. only *** *** *** *** ***

I'm the same way I way raed at age 7 to age 12 and now I want sex all the time

Me too ,But I wish it had never happened now I cannot get enough sex from either male or female but I do enjoy fresh warm cream pies and **** right from the tap.........

wow, that is an interesting life. im glad that they got arrested.