She Was Older Sis' Bf

I remember my first time like it was yesterday. I was 14 and she was 16 and was my sisters best friend. I'm a Mexican/American guy and she was a pretty Mexican/American girl. I had a feeling she liked me because she would always try to play with me and tease me. I remember I had a futon bed that sat facing my tv which I played video games on. I remember my sister would leave everyday around 4 to go pick up my siblings from daycare and I would stay at the house. Well one day my sisters friend was with her. She told my sister she had to make a phone call and would wait at our house for her to get back. My sister didn't think nothing of it and left. After she left ,her friend walked into my room where I was playing video games and asked if she could come in, and I said yes. She came in and turned off my t.v. and sat on top me of. I was in shock and thinking "oh man I know where this is going." Then she started kissing me and grinding on my **** with her *****. I could tell she wanted it inside her bad. Then she unzipped my pants and through my boxer hole began sucking my ****. She was so sloppy with it and was going so far down I knew she had done this before, but I didn't care because she had a pretty face and I was just so turned on looking at her face with my **** going in and out of her mouth. Then she got up, reached into her purse and pulled out a condom. She grabbed my uncut **** and pulled the skin back and sucked on it some more. As she started rolling the condom down my **** she said "i've been wanting you ever since I first saw you". Those words turned me on so much.. Then she got on top of me and reached down and aimed my **** into her wet *****. I didn't know what to think and i was mostly in shock that this was actually happening to me, but it felt soo good. As she started sliding up and down on my ****, I reached around her and started playing with her *** cheeks. They were so fat and juicy and jiggly and it almost made me ***. As I played with her *** she pulled up her top and exposed her big juicy **** which I loved because i've never seen a woman like this in real life before. As sex continued she bounced up and down on me, moaning and in her own world. She had big breats with light nipples and had a fat butt with a lot of meat. I wanted to see her *** so bad so I kind of secretly looked on the side of her at my t.v. and I could see her juicy *** bouncing on my **** in the reflection. that vision is burned in my memory. As she was boucning and moaning I couldn't stop thinking that i'm going to get caught and they're going to b here any minute now and catch us doing this. After a minue thinking that I really got into it and started pulling her fat *** down on me harder and soon about 30 seconds later I was shooting into the condom that was in her ***** and she moaned louder. After that she got off and looked at me and smiled at me and I felt like she was in love with me. After that I remember everyday she would come over and stay while they left and we would have sex this time in the living room so I could see when they were pulling up to the house. I would always think "why is she untying her shoes, she's going to get us caught"? lol but after that I knew she was in love with me, she would always kiss me on my neck and always try to hang out at our house and stay the night, she would give me her phone number all the time and she was always just happy around me. I didn't really feel the same way for her though, don't know why? She was great though, everytime we would all watch a movie, she would say "let me lay on your lap" and I was like ok, while the movie was playing she would always reach under the pillow she was laying on and would play with my **** and get it hard. There are many many more stories with this girl but i'll save them for later.
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Yeah, tell us more. She sounds awesome. Wish my sister had friends like that when I was 14!!!!