...being Fingered

Oh I remember it so well, but that's because it was last night. Me, my boyfriend, and two of his friends all went to the movies. During the movie he was feeling me through my jeans and making me really wet. (embarrassed! Virgins get excited easily) Durring the car ride home I was really sleepy because I had to get up early that morning and was laying on him. He had his arms wrapped around me and was holding my hands. He knew I was sleepy and I didn't expect him to do anything else for the evening. However, I felt one of his hands start to leave my hand and slowly make it's way to one of my breasts. He started to play with it and kept kissing me where ever he could. I leaned back and I'm pretty that when he leaned in and kissed my ear he put his tongue in it. His other hand left my other hand and he started to unbutton my jeans. He began to play with my breast more aggressively, but under my shirt and bra this time. Meanwhile... His other hand made it's way in my pants. He felt around and whispered in my ear, "you're already wet." I just said, "I know." (I was really embarrassed for getting excited so easily) He pulled his hand out of my pants and put it back in through my panties, then started to finger me. While he was feeling around inside of me he kept whispering things on my ear that he loved me so much. After a minute or two he stopped fingering me and continued to play with my breasts for a few seconds then stopped and asked me, "do you want more?" I told him, "no," not because I wasn't enjoying it, but because it just felt strange for me. He buttoned my pants back for me and held my hand with his *** soaked fingers and began kissing and sucking on my neck. He whispered in my ear, "I don't want you to go." I told him, "sorry I have to." we arrived at my house and I went inside and that was that. He texted me later in the night to tell me how much he had enjoyed himself, then I went to bed.

It was strange because i wasn't nervous or scared at all. I do wonder thought if his two friends in the front seats knew what we were doing there in the back seat.

I've spent all day today with a huge smile on my face and trying to convince myself that it had really happened. I still don't believe it!!!

We've been dating for four months and one week, he's my first boyfriend, and he's not a virgin. I love him very much. :) **Side note!!! I did ask my boyfriend if his two friends ever said anything to him about the event and he told me that the one did and the other didn't notice. Meh I guess that no first intimate encounter can go unpunished or perfectly. Mine was still pretty good though, but it is embarrassing and I do feel bad. I feel more or less like a *****...
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Hot hot story. Thx for sharing. It must have been an incredibly exciting experience since his mates were there. That would have made u even wetter because of the naughtiness of the situation. Wet is good, so don't be embarrassed about that.

A really nice love story, I had a similar experience with a boyfriend when I was about 19.