So Sweetly Weird

The first was just a fleeting moment.It was as if it never happened at all.I tried to shake it off to get the feeling away from me.Don't get me wrong but I could not fathom the enormousness of its effect on my entire being.But I know right then that I will never be the same.I am forever transformed into someone I have ambivalent feelings with.The touch...the kiss is still vivid til now.It was so innocent that I wanted it to stay somehow but the realization that it ought not to happen made me pray I am not part of it.

But I was there and I heard you whisper my name when I closed my eyes as I trembled beneath your enveloping arms.
MyZen MyZen
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1 Response Nov 8, 2011

At last, an intellect to which I can relate, after eons searching this site , this story almost sells itself as being close to the sensation I experienced when I read it. My respect and admiration young lady, you have a disciple.

Thank you,DesertRanger....