Memorable For The Wrong Reason.

She was my first steady girl friend. We started dating the summer after I graduated from high school. I saw her often during the week nights and we had a date almost every weekend. A little over a month into our relationship the making out began, often it got very heavy. A number of times we came very close to having sex, but each time she would ask me to stop. She would explain she wanted to continue, but was afraid I would end up hating her if we had "done it". It was certainly frustrating, but I always honored her wish. We had drifted apart for a brief period of time, but got back together. One evening our making out was evolving into foreplay. My hand was within her panties and my finger tips had penetrated her body. She told me she was ready to take our relationship to a higher level. She wanted to become intimate with me. She was a bit frightened, but she assured me she felt she was ready to have sex with me. We found a secluded spot outside of town and for the first time she did not ask me to stop. She gave me every reason to believe she was experiencing a great deal of pleasure. I was not prepared for what was to happen.  Shortly after I came she began crying. I thought perhaps it was from feelings of guilt. She would not tell me why she was crying or why she didn't want me to touch her. She demanded her clothes and said nothing as she got dressed. After becoming calm she told me I would probably not want to see her again after she revealed what she had to tell me. I was not the first guy that "had her". When she was twelve she was raped by an older brother of a girl that was once her friend. Our first intimate experience was enjoyable for her, then suddenly it wasn't.Whoever took her innocence ruined what was for a time a beautiful experience for her.That was our only time for not long after that she said she didn't want to see me any more.

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3 Responses Apr 11, 2012

Ooh.... I'm so sorry for your ex-girlfriend. But I do wish that she would realize that you were different from the rapist. It is so sad that she was carrying the burden of guilt which prevented her from enjoying a normal relationship... :-(

I used the word 'guilt' because the ex-girlfriend seemed to think that GPR would 'end up hating her' if they 'did it'. In other words, she was afraid he might lose respect for her after she had sex with him. This is what makes me think that her blames herself for having sexual desires and felt guilty about them.
Turns out she made more mistakes in her relationships and her choice of men. One bad decision followed another.

Thats well sad! :(

I pity for the girl...<br />
She had a bad experience in the past.