My First Time With A Girl

It's funny the directions life takes you in.  I remember being just my Daddy's pretty little "Button".  Button was my nickname and I was just this little thing as cute as a button.  I had no sexual desires.  I was a kid.  The thought of what people do in bed with their private parts or what they do and don't suck on never entered my mind.  Life was simple.  I was told to keep my private parts private and was encouraged to keep myself clean and that was all.  I liked boys from an early age because I was a girl, right?  Actually, I liked more grown-up boys like Andy Gibb or Leif Garrett.  I'd go nuts for Rod Stewart too.  I liked the straight up and down shape of their bodies, and other features that made them men.  I didn't care for or want their private parts.  I had thoughts of holding hands, hugging and maybe a peck on the lips.  I suppose all that's not important, but it just does seem odd to me that I'm not that little girl anymore.  
By around 11 I was already becoming different.  I wanted a relationship with a boy and as I grew older all my friends and I would talk about were boys.  Certainly by my early teens, I had heard all about sex, was touching myself and thinking about having a phallus all to myself and what I would do with it.   I also really, really wanted to be touched, "down there".  By 15 my breasts were of a decent size for my age.  I admired them and my friends admired them, but in a non-sexual way.  I could fill a shirt and get attention.  I loved it.  
I had a boyfriend when I was 15.  We kissed often and he wanted my breasts, but I waited until he'd passed my "tests" to let him begin to touch them.  Essentially though, I was afraid that it was too soon to let someone touch my chest.  I loved it though and I remember the first time he sucked on them.  I was lying on my back and I pulled my own shirt up.  His face was SO excited!  He didn't even unfasten my bra.  He just awkwardly pulled one of the cups down and was very quickly at my nipple.  Eventually we got everything unhooked and pulled off.  It was no big deal for me really.  I didn't quite understand why I'd been keeping my chest so off-limits for so long.  Once I got over the nervousness of being shirtless and touched, I found this to be really pleasurable, but I didn't let him down my pants!  I was saving that for a boy that could pass even bigger, "tests".  Never mind what these tests are.  I just wanted certain milestones to be very special and thought that I'd reserve those special moments for special people.  
So I was a very straight girl.  I got a little older and had a new boyfriend.  This one I made out with a lot.  And licking my nipples sent pleasurable vibes all the way to you know where.  It's like the nipple bone is connected to the cl*t bone.  Anyways during most sessions, I wanted to take his c**k out of his pants.  I always felt it hard against me and I just wanted to feel it.  God knows the way I'd rub myself up and down on him that I'm sure that there was something he wanted to feel too, but I didn't let him have it.  Anyhow, once when he was wearing some loose shorts, I got my hand down there and around it.  I was making a mental map in my head about what it looked like, size, how it would feel inside of me, or in my mouth, ect.   Another time I was with him I finally got up the nerve to not just touch it, but to bring it out.  I got my head close and could smell a man's odor.  It was repulsive and intoxicating at the same time.  To his certain joy,  I gripped it, licked on the tip and immediately began taking it in my mouth.  It tasted a little like urine at first and then had not much of a flavor, but it was a lot of fun to just have it finally to just do that and anything else I'd always wanted to do with one.  
Now I can't really say that I "always" wanted to do that.  I was just curious and was so sexually aroused that night.  He probably could have taken my virginity that night, but he didn't try.  Anyways it was great for me to think about for weeks.  I didn't get to actually do it again to him because he freakishly drowned accidentally in a boating accident. within two weeks of our tryst.  I'm sure his new girlfriend was really upset about it too(He dumped me soon after I sucked his co** to "upgrade" to another).  
Anyways that summer was traumatic and then school started again.  It's funny how the fresh start of fall erases so much of the feelings of the last year.  I liked being in drama productions and soon found myself on the cast of another play.  Besides spending a lot of time at rehearsal, we all hung out together too often.  One night at Stephanie's house, I found myself playing "truth or dare" with her, another girl and two guys.  It was during that game that I told all about sucking a d***.  I was the **** of the party after that and things got a little more, "daring".  That night every boy kissed every girl on the lips, no tongue.  And I, the "****" showed my breasts.  Not much else happened, but we were all really turned on.  
Now mind you that this was the 1980's.  That's why during the game, the girls kissed boys and boys only kissed girls.  These days girls can make out with each other and it's perfectly fine and arousing.  Back then a mere mention that you were swinging for the wrong team would have landed you at a lunch table as a party of one until graduation.  So what I'm about to tell you should be read with the understanding that the 80's were really, really conservative.  I've guarded this information with my life for many, many years.  I still don't think that I could open up to any of my old classmates about it.  I have kids now, and one of them is a girl.  I know that times have changed, but I still cling to the mindset that what I got into was really, really taboo.  
I didn't know any gay people growing up.  When I was about ten and was on a school bus with some older kids, there was a confrontation between a guy and girl.  She was dogging him pretty good when all he said was, "You know it's always the same with you dy*es.....".   Then the confrontation was quickly over.  He had essentially insinuated that she was a homosexual and it shut her up from arguing any more.  I asked my mother about this cuss word.  She told me it was for women who liked women.  Later on I learned that these kinds of women looked a certain way, acted like men and sucked on each other's crotches.  I thought that I'd never want to meet one of them!  Yuck!   
So anyways there were more cast outings.  Sometimes we had alcohol.  Ok, a lot of times we had alcohol.  There was this one night where we stayed at this great big house and the girl's parent's weren't home.  We watched a few movies, played some games and eventually went on to bed.  I felt like staying up and so did Cindy.  Cindy was younger than me, but actually had bigger breasts than me.  I did look at them a lot.   And as much I really hated lesbians, I looked at t*ts all the time.  To this day, I still pay attention to a woman's chest.  I check their butts out too.  Mostly I'm also checking to see if they fit right in their clothes, but I do like cleavage and the way breasts behave when in motion.  So Cindy and I were up sitting on a bed leaning into each other looking at a photo album.  Neither of us were wearing bras.  I had a pink top on and she a pj top on.  I could see the outlines of her nipples and the size and weight of her chest just had me mesmerized.  I began to say this or that about nipples or her chest.  At some point, I showed her mine as a visual aid to explain something.  Anyways I sank into her with my head on her shoulder and as we talked my head kept sinking onto her chest.  I kept lowering it until I knew that my head was on a b**b.  She was stroking my hair and talking to me and I was trying to feel the plumpness of her breast on my face through her clothing fabric.  Then I did something weird.  I don't know what came over me.  I turned my head from its side to bury my face straight into her left bo*b.  She pulled my head into it rather than freaking out.  Then she told me, "yeah sometimes I want to do that too".  Unexpectedly, she lifted her shirt up.  I had to pull away so that she could do that, but then I just laid my face right back where it was.  Wow she smelled good and was SO soft!  She was rubbing my back and my head.  I was really turned on.  I smashed my face some more into her left bo*b until I felt exactly where that hard nipple was and let it go all over my face.  Then I cupped the other one with my free hand.  I was now basically facing her with my head in her chest and my hand on her b*ob.  I felt around her nipple with my palm and that's when I didn't just kiss or lick on her t*t, I opened wide and put that whole nipple in my mouth and pushed my head into it.  I don't know what happened, but then I started sucking and licking.  it was like a reflex.  I massaged the other one quite a bit until I knew that I had to suck on that one too.  
I looked up at her on my way to her other breast.  She was looking down at me with this face that said, "please".  I suckled her for a while and then finally spoke to her while fondling her breasts.  I told her, that I'd always wanted to do that.  O my gosh.  That wasn't true, or was it?  Yeah I looked at breasts a lot, but did I really want to suck them?  It didn't matter.  She told me that it felt good and I kept on doing it.  Her skin was soooooo soft.   I wanted to eat  her neck and shoulders next.  And that's what I did, never taking my hands off of her ti*'s.  She had a long jawbone and I sucked along it from her neck to her chin.  I wasn't even thinking that this was gay anymore.  I was turned on.  I wanted to kiss and when I came to her lips, kiss we did!  It was amazing.  Pretty soon her hands were up my top and it was fantastic.  She would take her turn to suck on my chest.  It was so weird, yet such a turn on to see a woman gorge herself silly on my body.  
We were really, really horny.  Our legs were locked around one another and we were sliding up and down one another.  I actually was so focused on the breast experience that I wasn't thinking though about lesbian practices, ect.  I wanted to be touched though.  I touched her first actually.  As I was sucking on her nipples again a little later on, I had a hand stroking her back.  I HAD to feel her butt.  I really wanted to feel it's shape and eventually I got my wish.  I woman's behind is sooooo smooth.  It was like heaven.  I knew that I was close to her genitals, but pretty soon I wanted to touch those too. I don't know what possessed me that night, but I really wanted to feel her vagina.  There was not a day in my life before this where I ever thought that I wanted to touch another woman's privates, but here I was wanting to touch her there even quicker than I had wanted to feel a man's erection that first time.  So after rubbing up and down her chest and over her flat tummy, I kept going lower and lower with my hand.  Each time though, I seemed to never got low enough.  I don't know how many times I kept swishing my hand past her belly button and into her undies until I finally felt her pubic hairs.     From there on I went lower and lower until I knew that my fingers had touched it.  And when I did I kissed her deeply on the lips with a lot of tongue.  I then went on to rub her and slide my index finger up and down her slit.  For the first time I felt another woman's wetness and it was a GIANT turn on.  Pretty soon I was plainly ************ her.  I was doing that while I was kissing her, sucking on her neck and licking her nipples.  
For a moment I stopped and pulled my hand away to feel her a** and rubbed her juices all over her and gripped her pubic bone.  It was so awesome to feel a woman's pubic bone because that let me know that I was definitely with a woman and it was hot.  
Actually it was really hot.  It must have been 80-90 degrees in there and the whole room was steaming with the smell of two aroused vaginas.   The odor was very present.  I was really worried about how clean I was.  I knew that her hand would be roaming shortly and I wanted to go to the bathroom to rinse up a bit, but never got the chance because she got into me from behind before I knew it.  She was rubbing my cli* and wound up using her thumb to penetrate me.  She had me on my stomach for a little bit and then switched to f******g me with a pair of fingers.  I have NO idea what was going through her head at the time, but I was having tremendous ******* at the hand of a woman and I never cared in the least that this was lesbian sex.  All I wanted was more of what she had to give me and I wanted to do a whole lot more to her.  
Like I said, the odor of aroused vagina was very present.  It's a sex smell and it was just all over everything at this point mixed in with a little bit of salty sweat, b.o., perfume and for some reason saltwater taffy candies.   It was all really intoxicating and I really wanted to drive her wild by sucking on her where she would feel it the most.  So I was kissing her again and molesting her chest.  I had some more face time with her chest and then began kissing her on her stomach and sides.  I really liked dragging my t**s down her body on her soft skin.  And then there it was between her legs.  It was a woman's crotch.  I looked straight at it with her legs wide open.  I could see how aroused she was.  It wasn't like seeing a girl come out of the shower at gym class.   This was different.  It was sexy, but then it jumped into my head that it was a forbidden fruit.  I WANTED TO KISS IT THOUGH.  I was in the position to go down on her.  I started by kissing down her legs, on her stomach and a bit on the inside of her thighs.  I would get really close and it would smell really strong.  I wasn't turned off at all.  I couldn't wait to feel my tongue taste it.  So I had my mouth closed and I finally pushed my face around in her crotch.  My lips parted and my tongue came out.  I licked into her slit and tasted a woman for the first time in my life.  It was really weird, I could taste pee too, but I was on sensory overload.  The whole flavor was not this sweetness that I expected.  It was salty and complex.  Don't get me wrong, I liked it.  I knew why it tasted a little like pee and got over that and kept licking.  The more I licked the more I got used to it.  It was interesting and I didn't stick my tongue in and explode.  I didn't die because I'd broken a major taboo.  No, it was exciting.  I dragged my lips over her pubic bone through her pubic hairs and it felt really good and tingly on my lips.  At times when the taste was too much for me, I would kiss the inside of her thighs or lick her elsewhere.  I did things to her c*** that I thought would feel great and I did not leave her disappointed.  Eventually I made my way back to where I started, her chest, but I really wanted her to taste what I tasted so when I kissed her, I made sure she got a lot of that flavor in her mouth.  It didn't take long for her to have her turn down on me.  NO MAN can ever do this the way a woman can.  Sorry.  Anyways, Cindy got up on all fours for something and I took the opportunity to lick and suck on her soft butt cheeks and then began to lick her from behind and then that's when that thought hit me.    When I was Daddy's little "Button", did it ever once cross my mind that I'd be cramming my head up a woman's behind to lick at her privates with my nose nearly in her anus?  NO.  Wow how strange are the directions life takes.  
So what did I do?  I had full lesbian sex that night.  That woman and I CONSUMED each other.  It was like a hunger took us over and we satisfied every single craving.  Before going to sleep we put most of our clothes back on.  The room's air still smelled like what we'd done.  We kissed some soft, passionate kisses and feel asleep.  
The next morning I looked around the room and since I was at a stranger's house, I was really disorientated.  And then there was Cindy next to me.  My mind immediately went to the thought of licking her and whoa was I scared.  I really wanted to hold her though.  I also wanted to talk to her really bad about the whole thing.  I scooted closer to her so that we were touching.  She woke up and I could see her face in the sun.  To this day I can remember how beautiful her youthful face was.  She looked straight at me and said, "Hi".  I said, "Rough night?"  She replied, "No. Really, really nice".  I was really embarrassed.  I started to explain that we were drunk and had gotten out of control and she replied, "Out of control with what?"  and I then I got the hint and said, "Oh yeah, with what?".  Then she put her arm around me and kissed me.  We pressed our bodies together and I got one last massage in with her breasts.  I wanted to suck on them again already, but I knew that this playtime was over.   
So we went downstairs.  We were the first ones up ironically.  Nobody knew what we did.  No one suspected a thing.  It was like I got away with a major crime.  Yes, I will admit that I had had a strange yearning towards breasts, however; I never thought that I would enjoy the entire female body in the ways that I did.  I felt very ashamed.  I wanted to do it all over again and at the same time forget that it ever happened, so I *****d a random dude right away.  It was great though.   During the time I was with Cindy, there were some things I wanted only what a guy could give me.  He did me some good, but I still couldn't get her breasts off of my mind.   
I go out in public and I see a lot of beautiful, young women, especially whenever I'm in the airport.  Sigh.  I'm a lot older now, married and extremely happy.  If I told my husband that I had a breast fetish, he'd tell me to find some and bring them home.  Well, I suppose that is fair, but I can't do that.  I just look at women and imagine a breast smooshed in my face and sucking on the nipple.  I'd probably cram my face up a pretty woman's butt too if I had the chance again too.  Now if someone had told me when I was six years old that I'd have these types of thoughts when I get older,  I would have thought this to be the most insane thing I'd ever heard.    
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@Midnitrozei, sigh. You're probably right. As I always say(except to my daughter) "A little *********** never hurt anyone". I don't think that I'd get the chance though. It's just the wrong time in life. Sometimes I wish and imagine that there were something like "Nursing Parlors". Kind of like a spa where anyone can fondle and suck on someone's fantastic breasts and it would be legal and even encouraged in society to relieve stress. Today would be a great day to just unbutton a blouse, take off someone's bra and gently swirl my tongue around a puffy nipple before just smooshing my face into that soft, warm chestastic goodness. Sigh.......<br />
@ABNod, thank you. I actually wish I had gone into more detail. I was afraid of boring people, but now I wish I had written more.

I just think the smell from aroused vagina is just fabulous. I bet you miss that don't you? Its too bad that you aren't looking to have girl/girl relations because you are married ..... and mind you I completely understand your stand-point on this issue. However, I bet you can find yourself a friend that you know that is married too that would like to have relations with another woman ...... it happens all the time with married friends ..... and what your man doesnt know and what your friends man doesnt know really isnt gonna hurt.

Wow! Very well written and extreemly erotic.