Two Kids Screwing Around

When I was twelve years old my sister had a friend my age, I mean my age we were born on the same day in the same hospital. Any way she was over at our house we went over to my grand parents farm crawled up in the hay barn and she gave me the best head. Then yind was blown. Looking back im like Damn she knew what the **** she was doing a 12 yearold swallowed my 12age yearold load. Anyway in the next few weeks she found herself back at my house I didn't know she was there I walked in my room and there she was lying naked in my to show how good the head was she was on her period and still got my twelve year old **** to go right into her bloody ***** sticky slippery messy nasty and ******* hot one of my best adolescent sex memories.
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7 Responses May 7, 2012


What a ***** for that era!

Nice first time experience,Well done.

I never let the "monthlys" stop me from dipping my wick into a hot girl

nice story Numb, That is the kind of cousin we all DP

Not a cousin - sister's friend.

The best part.....she knew she wouldn't get pregnant right then. A smart girl.