I Was 19

i was hanging out with a friend of mine, she was a sexy young hispanic and we were spending the day together, when at around 5 o'clock she told me that she wanted to get some **** to watch together. She knew i was a virgin, and I said to her "if we watch **** together we are gonna have sex" she didn't say anything, we went to the sex shop and picked out a ****. We went back to my apt, where i lived with a roommate and it was always the place to hang out so when she and I didn't stop in the living room and went straight to my room they immediately started texting me, so I turned my phone off, so they new something was up.
I put the **** in the player and before I hit play i said to her again, "if we watch this we're having sex" again she didn't say anything so i pressed play and we slowly started massaging and touching each other all over. after about 15 minutes I had her shirt off and was sucking her beautiful dark brown nipples. we took some shots and then more clothes started coming off, I'm getting ready to slide into a warm ***** for the first time when she stops me and says she wants to take a bubble bath together. Now i'm a guy and don't keep bubble bath around normally but my roommates girlfriend did, so i told her not to move, I put my pants back on went to my roommates room with out saying a word to anyone in the living room again, went to my roommates room and stole a bottle of bubble bath. when i walked through the living room again and they saw that i had that they started making pervy comments, but i was on a mission. 
Me and her went to the tub and it became hot and bubbly, we started feeling each other all over and I was fingering her, and to this date she was still the tightest ***** i ever felt. Her breasts covered in bubbles, she turns her back to me, sits on my lap and slowly lowers herself onto me. We started ******* and i'm playing with her ****. sadly I didn't last very long. maybe 3 minutes. 
We got out of the tub and stayed naked in my room. turning the **** back on and she was still ready to go so I fingered her hard until i was hard again. thats when i heard everyone leave. we went to the living room and turned the **** on in there after locking the privacy lock so they couldn't get back in. she and i ended up ******* on every surface of the apt over the next few hours. 
then just like that she said she needed to go home. so I took her home and met up with my friends at a restaurant that we frequented and was subject to your standard teasing but i was in a great mood. 
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

Sounds like a nice friend to have.

I love your story...especially how your first time was more of a series of times rather than one awkward short one...reminded me a lot of my first time. Awesome story!