My First Time

My very first time, was when I was 14 just about to be 15. I lost my virginity to a boyfriend I had been together with for about 4 months. We hadn't done much, beside some stroking and touching. But he was very eager to try it as he was a virgin to. we were both the same age.

The "big" day, when we agreed to go all the way was very romantic in a sort of way. He had decided to do all does cliche which ended up being a great success. Lighting candles all over the place, nice and slow music in the background.

So down to business, we started slow just being close and kissing, we were both a bit shy so we didn't say much or make much noise. After a while he kind of broke the ice asking : "should I put it in?" I really didn't know what to expect but it didn't really turn me on lol.
But either way.. I demanded that he put on a condom, we had just had sexual education on school so I was afraid of all kind of diseases and also of becoming pregnant since I wasn't on any birth control at that moment.

He stumbled it on, while I was just laying there watching him work it on his half erected ****, guessing he was a bit nervous to. Final he were ready and I as ready as I could be, he came on top of me, starting kissing me while he slowly spread my legs. He struggled a lot to get it in, so I but on hand down to give him a little guidance. as i touched his **** we both twitched a little, and his **** became rock hard in seconds. First now I started getting a little turn on and more excited than nervous. I guided him between my lips and let go of him.

He now moved very slowly as we had agreed up on. I could feel him pressing against my inner, and the feeling was more pain than pleasure, and for a short moment it was like something broke. I put my arms around him holding him tight, and the pain went away, and it all became warm in a way. He asked if we should try again later and pull out, but I shook my head.

He started ******* me slowly, and my ***** became wetter and wetter, I was just starting to really enjoy it when I heard a little "ups". And he blushed.
He came after like 3-4 minutes and was very embarrassed, but I told him that it had been great and that I love it. A little lie to save his self esteem.

A little hour later we tried again, and this time! wooooah, it was amazing, much better than the first time. all though it was still very long until I would have my first ****** it was good and I enjoyed it. ( took a while before I met a guy able to make me ***)

we stayed together for a few more months, and I have in my "later days" regretted giving away my virginity at such young age.
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Jun 24, 2012