I Will Never Forget

First some background.  I am a very conservative individual, raised with strict moral compass.  My then girlfriend did not have such said compass.  In fact, she had been a nympho.  There were a few shots where we would be making out and she would reach for my "bag of doritoes."  Of course I would back off.  Each time, though, she would get further to the point that one night my pants were at my ankle before I knew what the h**l was happening.

It was a summer evening and I was to go to a seminar the next morning.  This seminar would take me away and we would not be able to talk for a few days, difficult for her to handle, so I went to spend one more evening with her before I had to leave.  We were sitting on the futon talking about it.  I kissed her, which set her off and we started making out.  Next thing I know, I'm sheding off everything but my hair and we have sex.

I sat up and thought, "Oh my, God.  What just happened?"  I was in such shock that on my way home, I damn near ran into a light pole.  We did have many more exciting nights that got more exciting but that does not belong on your computer screen.

BigJohn BigJohn
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2 Responses Apr 28, 2007

As we say in Ireland don't leave us hanging finish the story!

I like your story! What ever happened did you two stay together or was that an old love from a long time ago? One more question. What kind of Doritoes were they? Nacho cheese or Cool Ranch? Ha Ha! Just kidding! Seriously I think this is a great story I really liked it.