The Spider Beside Her.

vividly- it is etched into my brain like stick drawn graffiti in concrete. over 10 years have gone by, but i wouldn't have changed much about our escapade.

we lived in a small town, with fields, horses, ditch roads and trusting citizens. we would often take off on our bikes together and ride the banks of the ditches until the sun began to set. one afternoon we headed out into the meadows by an old farm. he asked me again if i was ready. i told him we could, but it could only be inserted and then he had to take it out right away so that we would not get pregnant.

he had a condom. i was wearing white shorts. i had lied to him and said i had done this before (not sure why really). he was a "gentleman", and laid his shirt out on the grass for me to lay upon and we proceeded about our business.

it hurt. it hurt like nothing i had ever felt before, or nothing i would ever feel again. i felt the tears rolling down my cheeks as i dug my fingernails into his back and bit his shoulder. then the pain subsided, he was in all the way. i looked over to my right and there was a HUGE spider in the grass next to me. (i am as scared of spiders as one can be, so i freaked! big time!) i screamed and basically threw this poor guy off of me; he landed about 6 feet away with his pants around his ankles and a very confused look on his face!

needless to say, he quickly found out i had lied. there was blood everywhere, and i had the fun of getting to ride my bike back up an enormous hill to get home- to then explain to my mother that i had gotten my period early that month. ha.

it might sound like a horrible first time, but i smile now as i write this, and miss this boy from so long ago that left me with such a fond amusing memory.

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3 Responses Apr 30, 2007

I never had the pleasure of a virgin! tho unlike you they tried to con me they were. A virgin must be magic nice & tight!

well after he witnessed the "mess" he pretty much knew. i did tell him face to face later on in our relationship, and he said he figured. ha.

Wow what a cool story! I bet he was surprised when that happened. Did you ever eventually tell him that he was your first?