Losing It On Stage To A ******** In Front Of A Crowd !

wot a way to lose it and it happened that way , i was 17 and the boys and i went to a ***** joint and after a while of sitting in there was approached by a dancer who wanted to use me for her act , i told her wat was involved ? she said i take ya up fool around and **** ya , i told her nooo way i was a virgin and didnt want to lose my virginity til i got married (little did i know i was going to turn out into the biggest sex freak) she said to me thats ok shel make it look like were ******* and just slide it in between here *** cheeks , i reluctantly agreed .

so she got up on stage , wen it was time she called me up , all of my mates were sitting shocked as we were only young and never done anything like this and i was nervous as hell !!! anyways she made me rub her nipples body everything ...she was tall curvy and had the greates set of **** out ! eventually threw me onto the floor under a furry blanket ******** me and grabbed a condom , put it in her mouth and skillfully put it on my **** , by then my **** was going crazy and i was in awe of this woman - she just sat on my **** not knowing wat penetration was i thought it was in between her *** cheeks but i obviously was wrong , bouncing on my **** for a few minutes i couldnt hold back and blew a massive load whilst she was still riding me, she got off pulled the condom off still full of *** with her mouth ....wow i freaked out that this was happening ...i got up put my jeans on and walked off ...my mates sat there with there mouths wide open in silence , thats how i lost my virginity ...i consider it a special way to lose it hahaha

p.s. i came back to the same ***** joint a year later and the woman was still there , she remembered me and took me in for a free **** it was awesome !

the third year i came back she was there and to thank her i took her in and paid for it .
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what country do you live in that they allow 17 year olds into a ***** joint?

I am 15 and want to lose it like this! :D

I hope you do dude, I'd love to watch it happen.

damn. lol. Seriously interesting story. lol. I would have liked to have been one of your friends and have watched you lose it in front of my eyes. The type of thing fantasies are made of. ha ha ha.

they were shocked i tell ya !

i dont doubt that they were. lol. that's insane!!!!! HOT; but insane!!!

SO HOT man, you lucky bastard. I am so proud of you that you went back and had more, you obviously filled her up real good !!

It was worth it baaadly

I have to agree with Luke. Really cool that you went back and gave it to her better and better with each passing year!!!

I think it is great you lost it in view of everyone. That is just hot.

I still I can't believe I lost it like that !