April Fools

I was quite young, 15 to be exact, I was a freshman in high school. My father was out of town, so my boyfriend came over to the house, and we had been to the different bases a couple of times, but never done the deed. And he was a gentleman, kept asking me if this was what i really wanted, and mostly i just wanted to get it over with. So we went to my room, and he helped me undress and was really sweet, turned on the radio and i remember when it was all the way in it felt like someone had punched me in the stomach, it took my breathe away, and I clawed his whole back up, because it hurt so bad, but i wanted to finish, to get it over with, to no longer be a virgin. and he kept asking me do you want me to stop, if it hurts to bad i'll stop. I remember it being so funny to me now, because i lost my virginity on april fools day. and we stayed together for six years. He was my first love, we even got engaged, but that's another story another time. So my first time wasn't bad, was quite sweet actually.
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4 Responses May 10, 2007

lovely story, my first time hurt too but was also nice at the same time, dont think words can really describe

Great story

I know what its like to take the virginity of a girl and to make sure she was ok with things. We had been together for like 8yrs before we had sex for the first time. I liked your story it was really great.

very cute... better than my first time... the weekend before my 16th birthday... random person, me basically thinking i might as well do it and get it over with...