Friends Brother

I was at my friends house, waiting for her to get home from practice. Her mom was waiting at the school for her so I was left alone with her brother. He had always had a thing for me and i knew it so I would tease him constantly. I decided that I would take the opportunity to give him a surprise.

I snuck down the hall to his door, knocked, lifted my shirt and bra, and waited. when he opened the door, I said:

"Where you looking perv? My eyes are up here!"

I laughed and ran down the hallway, still holding my shirt up, all the way into their livingroom. When he found me, I was sitting in one of their big lazy boys, breasts still showing.

I said "Now what?"

He said "Are you serious? You wanna do it?"

I said "Your mom will be home soon so you better hurry!"

I didn't think he would really do it but before i knew it he was naked and pulling my pants down too! I was instantly wet and he was already hard. we had sex right there and within minutes, his 16 year old member was exploding inside my 14 year old body.

We had barely finished when we heard his mom pull into the drive way. As we grabed our clothes, and scrambled to seperate rooms,

He said "Psst! Hey!"

I turned to see him holding his phone and heard the camera shutter noise! To panicked to care, he ran to his room and I ran to my friends room. when she came in I was fully dressed. I told her what happened and she didn't belive me.... until I told her brother to show her the picture
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Lucky boy! Very sexy!

What ever happened to that pic?

Wow! Only if my sister's cute friends were as playful as you. Thanks for sharing!

damn that's a hot story for a first time........... ;-p would u please add me as your friend???????????????

I love it, great story Thanks for sharing.

Awesome story!!!

nice story...

yup, love that story.

would love to see that photo xxx

Did you enjoy the moment or was it just a another activity on your bucket list?


I enjoyed your experience - i do hope with his picture, you and he were able to explore more together in the future.. What was your friends response?

hahah great story... hot...add me sweetie

So hot!!! What ever happened to the pic and did you **** him more?

the pic is most likely in his fap file and yes we did mess around more after that.

Funny story.

Sounds like your first experience was fun, even if it was a bit hurried. Did you have any other encounters with him or was that the only one?

No, we had other "encounters" lol!

You naughty girl ;)


Great story! Glad it's a happy memory :)

That was a real quicky!

Your friend's brother was quite a lucky boy. : )

I like to think we both got lucky!

Very true. : )

He was very lucky :)

so very hot, thanks for sharing

ever do it again?