And So It Began This Way Part 1

This happened a long time ago so if I don't exactly remember all the details it is to be expected. However I do remember most of it and I'll try to share that here with you.

I was old enough to drive but not old enough to vote yet. I know that was the case because my adventure took place in a small town near my own and I drove there. I kept hearing that in a hotel situated in that town there were girls, girls who would do anything for money. I know those girls are called prostitutes but I was eager to experience sex and this seemed like the best way to find out about it. As you have guessed I wasn't very outgoing nor smooth with the girls. But I was a horny young guy, I just didn't know how to get it on with girls.

So in any case, I finally got up my nerve and drove over and sized up the hotel. It was on a corner down town, maybe 5 or 6 stories high and it had been there a good long time. After circling around the block too many times I finally parked and nervously approached. Outside the side door there was an old guy smoking a cigarette and dressed in something that looked like a uniform. Mustering all my courage I approached him and told him I'd heard there were girls inside. Well he looked me up and down and smiled a little and said "yep". When I asked how much he just said you will have to take it up with her. When he asked if I wanted to come in and meet her I said sure.

So I followed him across the dimly lit small lobby, past the night clerk and into an elevator which must have been there since the hotel was built. This guy had to operate the thing with a round disk about the size of a steering wheel to get us up to the third floor. All the way I was watching the walls glide by through the scissor sort of door that caged us in. After a couple of trys he leveled us off with the third floor and got out telling me to stay, he would be back. This gave me a chance to get even more nervous and to look around the hall way. The place was ancient. The carpet was soiled and dirty, smelled up years of neglect. The lighting was barely enough to show the hall at all.

He came back and gave me the room number saying she was waiting for me. That was a long walk, at least I recall it that way. I rapped on the door and was told to come in as it swung open.Do you remember old hotel doors that seemed so high and the locks used keys that were called skeleton? Then you know what this one looked like. Inside I was in a short hall that passed by a bathroom on the left followed by a left turn in the room to where the bed was.

And there I met Peg. Or at least that's the name she gave me. I'd guess she was 10 or so years older than me an dressed in a slick robe tied at the waist. Probably about 5 and a half feet and a little chunky. Red hair, I will always remember she had red hair. She said something, a moment of small talk, then she asked what I was interested in. I told her the truth. I didn't really know but it probably would be according to what things cost. She was nice enough but business like as well. It would be $10 for a straight date, 15 for half and half and 20 for around the world. I'm sure she didn't recognize at that point that I had no real idea what she was talking about, just a dumb farm boy I guess. To be continued
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Anxious to hear the rest of the story! :)