And So It Began This Way Part 2

Finances and niavity dictated my choise and of course I chose the minimum price. She counted it and stashed it away in her purse, walked past me and told me to get undressed and come into the bathroom. I heard water running as I shucked off my clothes. I remember looking down and thining how tiny I'd become.

When I reached the bathroom she was standing by the old porcelin sink and running water into a shallow bowl. Come on over, don't be afraid she told me, I don't bite. Hold this she said and handed me the bowl which she tucked under my package. Next thing I know she is scrubbing and looking me over with soapy water lubricating the whole scene. When she is satisfied she uses the wash cloth to rinse off, turns and says come along.

Now I know this is going to happen and I'm somewhere between ecstacy and absolute fear. But I follow and watch her untie the gown, shimmy out of it and now I see she has panties on, no bra, just the panties. I'll always remember those panties cause they were red with ruffles running across them. As she stepped out of them her top hung there like two large pendulums. I was getting less scared and more excited.

She rolled on to the bed and beckoned me in. Not knowing much I immediately went between her legs so that my private met hers. A few deft moves by her, and I must say it was not much at all and my seed scattered upon her. She told me I must be nervous, got up and then I left as well.
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I'll bet you've learned a lot more since then, haven't you?