Learning About My "gift"

I was 14 at the time.. It was the summer going into 8th grade and I was just going thru puberty. At the time I didnt know what was going on with my body, I had hit a growth spurt nearing 6 feet tall.. I had developed a rather musular body, and was quite athletic. I had noticed that girls my age were starting to get boobs and i liked them but i never really payed much attention to my penis. I played sports and saw everyones dicks in the locker room.. they were all pretty much the same to me.

Well one day after a summer camp football session a few of the guys went to one of my friends house who had a pool. He also had an older sister and her friends were there too. They were all 16-17. That day all i had to wear was white shorts so i wore them in the pool with no underwear. When i got out of the water.. everyone was staring at me... I thought there was something on me but there wasnt. I asked one buddy what everyone was looking at and he said your big weiner is showing thru your shorts. embarassed i ran inside..

My guy friend followed me in and said nice showing out there, the ladies loved it. I was confussed becase i wasnt aware of my big **** or that girls liked them big. After he explained this to me. He asked to see it, i pulled it out and he just gasped.. I demanded he pull his out too, his was about half the size of mine and a lot skinner. He got the ruler and I was at 7.5inches soft.. his was about 4inches. and mine was alot thicker.

A few days later, one girl Ashley had gotten my number somehow and text me.. she was at the pool that day I was exposed and she commented on how she liked what she saw.. Ashley was 17 and known for being a tad bit easy.. I had never done much with a girl except kiss and figured she would be a good place to start... So i got her to go to a movie with me one day. SHe insisted on a tuesday afternoon for some reason instead of friday night...

We got to the movies tuesday and no one else was there.. it was a little wierd. we sat in the top row.. she had brought a light sweater even tho it was august.. soon as the lights went out and the movie started she threw the jacket over my lap.. I was started to get what was going on and I felt this weird sensation in my ****.. it was growing a bit in size.. prob about 8inches now.

She unzipped my shorts and pulls them to my ankles... she bites her lip as she puts both hands on my **** and cant even get it all.. she licks my ear and says "omg you're **** is huge, I bet girls love this thing" i laughed and told her she was the first to touch it.

she smiled as she pulnged down on me, not sure how she even got the head in but somehow managed to get me in her mouth. she was drooling everywhere.. after a bit she had deepthroated my fully erect 9inch ****. she pulled my **** out and said dont *** yet i am goin to **** you then sucked me a bit more before she stood up.

She had a skirt on and no my surprise no panties.. she reached in her purse, pulled out a condom and said you'll need this.. I told her i didnt know how to put one on so she attempted to... it was a regular condom and it wouldnt fit over my massive **** head.. she threw the rubber aside and went back down on me.. i ended up blowing my load in her mouth.

After the movie she decided to drive me home and stopped at a store on the way. she said we are gonna buy some big condoms so i have feel that huge **** in me.

We got the condoms and in her back seat behing k-mart i lost mmy v-card
nineinchesofharddick nineinchesofharddick
18-21, M
Dec 11, 2012