My Second Time

Elsewhere I related the experience I had when a college girl and I first made love in her apartment. You can find that story titled "High Anxiety" after the Mel Brooks movie of the same name. To summarize, she came, satisfied, and I didn't.   But I was still very pleased that she came. That had been my goal.

I wore the condom home under my clothes. When I got there, i ******** off in the privacy of our bathroom (nobody else was home) and stepped into the shower. The condom felt like a second skin and had wormed a little way down the shaft of my shrunken penis, and now threatened to slip entirely off if I wasn't careful.

I adjusted the shower and washed my hair, my chest and body (it had been covered with Skin Lotion by her) and then, I carefully washed my pubic hair, removing any trace of her. I washed my face and was immediate struck by the pungent smell of her vagina. It clung to my fingers and I started to go erect again from the smell.

I was playing with myself through the condom, as my penis re-inflated and filled the latex thing, and there was just enough pre-*** (as we now call it) to lube the head of my penis. I wanked about, turning in the small shower stall, round and round and arched my back, thrusting my hips forward as I remembered how she had ridden me while I caressed those beautiful boobs. I don't recall if I licked or nibbled them, but the thought of it made me even hornier.
With a little effort, I came in the condom and jacked off my load. I could have lived without it, but the intensity of the latex on my head as I came made me buck a bit, and I realized that I could get myself off, but I didn't know how to do so inside a woman.

They say if you don't come after levels of high sexual arousal, you'll get blue balls, but I had never experienced that. As I cleaned up after myself, pulling the filled condom off my limp ****, I wondered if I would have felt that if I had just gone to sleep. I tied the condom into a knot (was that the proper thing to do?) and shut off the shower, stepping out and wrapping the thing in a wrap of toilet paper before dropping it into the trash can. I dried off and wrapping the towel around my waist, walked out into my room. I selected some fresh underwear and wondered if my shorts would smell of her. I reminded myself to do my laundry in the morning before I packed up to go visit my parents during the coming weekend.

I climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep.
It was about a week later that we were on another date, and this time, I had moved out of the dorm room and into a tri-level house. My bedroom was on the bottom floor, and there was a hall shower just outside, with a translucent round shower door to seal you in. The convenience of that shower was nice, but it's exposure to anyone who came down the steps from the living room made me wonder about it. I used it once, but felt exposed, even though my body would have been somewhat obscured while inside. The thing is, you had no idea who or if anyone was watching you from outside.

Anyway, I had gone on a date with this same co-ed who had screwed me the last Friday of the final week of school, and I don't recall where we went, or what we did. But when we went back to the apartment, I showed her my room and she started hugging and kissing me. I didn't push her away, but I asked her what was up. She replied that it was my turn this time.

I kissed her back and said alright, but to take it slow, cause I wanted her to be satisfied too.
She said not to worry about that and started to undress me. I got to my underwear, as I undressed her too, and then I snapped off the overhead light. There was a little evening glow coming in through the basement window well, but you couldn't see much more than shapes.

I peeled off the last of my clothes and found her laying in my bed between the sheets. One thing led to another, and soon, I had checked to find her wet and willing between her legs.
I rolled over on top of her and supporting most of my weight on my arms, I started humping her from the missionary position.

She stopped me and asked me why I was holding myself off from her. I told her I didn't want to crush her, but at 158 pounds, I wasn't a big burden to take, I imagine. She told me to let myself down onto her body and I again started thrusting into her in the missionary position. It seemed to take an awful long time, cause she was so wet and I was interpreting this as her being very aroused in this position. Finally, after almost a half an hour of screwing, I built up to a climax and spewed into the condom.

I rolled off from her and relaxed, and she lay there listening to me catch my breath. Then she asked if the condom had broken, and I said no, I didn't think so. She replied that she was awfully wet. We threw back the covers and i got out of bed to reach the overhead light switch.
When I snapped it on, the scene in my bed shocked me. There was blood everywhere.

Not so much that you would think somebody had died, but blood was smeared on her, on me and definitely on the sheets. "Oh dear, I've started my period" she lamented, "I've ruined your sheets."

It's OK, I told her, I've got more... lots more from how the dorm had bungled the laundry service.

I took the sheet off and told her I had a beach towel if she wanted to go shower in the hall. She said to come with her, and so I did. We were packed in pretty tightly like sardines, but I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. I went back to the room and dressed, and she followed with the beach towel wrapped around her. She ******** the bed, and I told her not to worry about it, but she insisted. Then she got dressed and we drove to her apartment where she insisted that she do the laundry for me.

I don't recall how we spent the rest of the evening, watching TV or something, but in two hours, the sheets were done, spotlessly white again and hot from the drier. She asked me if I wanted to stay, and I did a double take. Was she asking me for MORE sex? How could I come in just a few hours since the last climax. She said she didn't want to sleep alone in her apartment, since her roommate was gone, and she had a big bed.

This time i accepted, and after she had changed her tampon, we spooned together for the night.

I was the first time I actually had slept together with another person.
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Jan 6, 2013