I Have An Advantage!

Stories like this are easy when all you have to do is find the one you wrote a couple years ago on your old account.

I love recycling!!

Anyway......here it is.

I was 18 and out from underneath my parents wings. I was in college and at a party late in my freshman year when I noticed a girl that I sat next to in Sociology class. Had I not been drunk I would never have had the courage to ask her to dance since I hadn't said two words to her all semester sitting right next to her. Had she not been drunk she probably would not have accepted but fate was on my side. As we danced the fact that I was inebriated didn't keep me from noticing that this girl was horny.

We bumped and grinded for about 10 minutes before she says she needs to go outside and wants me to come with her. No words needed to be spoken as we walked outside and kept on walking right into the woods. After walking about 20 yards into the woods we both stopped and began shedding our clothes. I laid her down and immediately headed south. After a brief pause to suck on her **** I continued on to the main course. Having no idea what I was doing I proceeded to give what I am sure was to most pitiful immitation of oral sex ever. I fell in love with it right then and there. I will never forget that first smell and the first taste.

She soon got tired of my meager offerings and pulled me up on top of her. She took hold of me and began to rub herself with the head of my ****. I can still her her wisper quietly in my ear as she positioned me between her lips "Push". The warmth and wetness was amazing. Here again the alcohol worked to my advantage as I was able to last for a good while. It didn't take any training for me to be able to bring her to ****** several times. In and out as fast and as hard as I could go. I came like a freight train. It was amazing. After we were done assembling all of our clothes we made our way out of the woods back to the party. The leaves that were stuck to our clothes and in our hair gave us away to the rest of the crowd but neither one of us cared.

The next morning as I laid in bed reliving the moment I realized I didn't even know her last name.

P.S. The chiggers we suffered with for the next week were well worth it in my mind....not sure of her opinion.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Awesome...sounds like a good night....(much better than my first time too....ugh....I'd rather forget...)

It was good. I think of it fondly!

Those damn chiggers. This reads much better than my first time. Seems like a night well worth remembering.

Very much so.