My first time was downright terrible. I was at the beach for my senior spring break and the car that I just got was torched by a dumbass, who was stealing fuzz busters. I was the talk of the beach for the weekend. I went to a party at another condo and everyone gave me plenty to drink feeling sorry for me.
After I was pretty lit I went back to the back room to tell a friend goodnight and she grabbed me and started kissing and touching me all over. I quickly got undressed and all she said was be careful.
I wish I would have known to take my time entering her before I got myself a Grade 1 **** blister from too much rubbing.
I came pretty fast and there was nothing to brag about. The real bad part was all the attention that the car gave me went for nothing because I couldn't physically do anything the rest of the weekend. IT SUCKED.
36-40, M
Jan 21, 2013