An Unusual But Exciting First Time

I was wandering around london aged 17. I was in Lisle street - a street well known for open doorways with SIgns such as 'Model, walk up" everywhere. I knew what it meant and suddenly decided that enough was enough, the virginity had to go. I saw onw openn doorway with a Notice saying 'French model, 1st floor, walk up". Taking a deep breath, I almost ran through the doorway and up the stairs. I rang the bell and waited a few seconds. The door opened and an elderly lady invited me in. Dissapointment set in straight away looking at the crone thinking "who'd ever WANT that?" She sat me down and explained that The 'model' was busy and I'd have to wait. Phew!!! About 10 minute later, an inner door opened and a gorgeous girl emerged - about 20 and wearing a lacy short nightie, bra and tiny panties. She invited me in and explained that it cost 3 pounds, or 5 for a very good time. I paid up my 3 pounds (1968 prices) and she started. First question, '"Do you want a rubber"?. I said no and asked if I could undress her as I had never done anything like this before. She said yes and I got going as fast as possible. Minutes later, we were naked on the bed. She asked if I wanted to be kissed and when I. Said yes and she slid down and started sucking my rigid c0ck. She let me lick her at the same time and we spent the next 15 minutes tight up against each other. She then moved back up the bed and helped me mount her.. felt like heaven and then she wrapped her legs around me and dug her heels into my back. Minutes later, I shot my first load into the most lovely looking girl i'd ever seen. She waited for me without rushing me at all. She then washed me, helped me dress and kissed me goodbye. I left there a happy man. The next day I was back for more - even better than the first time. Next day, back again. A different girl was there and I never saw Martine again. Years later and over 700 prostitutes, numerous girlfriends and 3 wives later, I still remember her with grateful thanks. Until marrying my 3rd wife, she was the best i'd ever been with and, if there is a life after death, I'll look for her to thank her for all the help she gave a frustrated virgin. BtW, this is a true story. It really was my first.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Thanks Anchev. I see non reason to be ashamed or embarrassed about what I've done in my life regarding prostitutes. I've always tried to treat them with respect as well. They're trying to make a living , many of them in a job they don't really like, so it's only fair that I should try to make the experience as easy and comfortable as possible. Many of them have beed "friends" over a period of years - lovely people who often try to help by just listening to clients discuss the problems in their lives. Not only do I have a great respect for that, but i'd have been happy to marry an (ex) prostitute as a result. Seriously, it wouldn't bother me at all. I wish all the young ladies I've been with all the best in their lives and may they all finally find happiness in their lives.

It warms my liberal heart to see someone admit to being with a prostitute. I have nothing against you or them. Thank you for the story.