The First Time For Me

My first time was pretty much a fiasco. She was younger than me (Cecelia) and I was 12.

We had touched each other, and kissed. She enjoyed especially when I rubbed myselfup and down between her nether lips. She was very wet, and I actually tasted her off my finger.

We attempted to get my member inside her and after about half way she said that it hurt. I continued going in and out until she said enough and I had only gotten half inside. At her insistance I stopped and later ***********.

We tried again at another date and I was able to finally get inside her after some pain to her. There was a lot of blood and it was difficult to clean up. Much later she loved to be on top and liked sucking me and licking me.

46-50, M
4 Responses Jun 26, 2007

not all girls bleed their first time. They can pop their cherry in other ways (using a tampon or even playing rigorous sports) and it's actually common to NOT have a hymen, therefore nothing tears and theres no blood.

thanks for comments

The first time I had sex it didn't hurt and I didn't bleed either and I SWEAR to you I was a virgin...I'm not sure why...

You luky guy to have had a Virgin, dont think I ever had the joy but, a few tried to tell me they were but i got inside them no prob & no blood!<br />
Guess we wont have the chance again