The '69 Corvette Stingray

my first time wasn't bad at all compared to the horrific stories i've heard. i was 14 and my boyfriend just turned 16 and for his 16th birthday his dad gave him the "69 corvette stingray. i loved that car. we would cruise everywhere in that thing.

one night, we were out in the hills, smoking a blunt, when we started fooling around. one thing lead to another and he said, "wouldn't it be fun if our first time was in the corvette?"

obviously i said yes. so we got into the corvette, which had the littlest seats on earth and tried to have sex.

first, i was laying across the two seats with the parking break jabbing into my back. after we saw that it wasn't working, he sat in shotgun and i got on top. it was awesome until my leg started cramping really bad.

after that, we decided to drive the car more into the trees so we could have sex on the car. from what i remember, the car was freezing, but it felt good since i was sweating so much.

all in all, my first time was a good experience, i wonder how it would be if i had sex with the guy today? probably nothing like how i remembered it. but hey, it's been 7 years.
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thanks for sharing

Nice story, did it stain the car?