Scared to Death.

My first time was a nightmare.  I was 16, she was 18 or 19.  She was a friend's girlfriend and delighted in the notion of being my first.

I was working on my car.  She came by and started talking to me.  Talking started turning to flirting, flirting turned into sexual play (grabbing my crotch, sucking on my neck, etc.)

She got my hormones in high gear and my brain shut down.  She pulled me to my bedroom (nobody home), dropped her shorts, pulled down mine, then flopped back on the bed spread eagle.  She told me to f--- her.  I tried. 

As soon as I entered her, I was ready to climax.  Neither of us had any protection so I pulled out immediately.  She took me in her mouth, and it was over. 

I can't say I enjoyed it.  It was a terrifying experience for me.  I was so overcome by guilt after, that I told her boyfriend about what happened.  He was so mad at her, and at me that he turned and punched his car.  I asked him why and he said that he was afraid she would try something like that, and mad that I hadn't stopped it, but didn't want to hit me.

He lost his girlfriend and broke his hand - lost a lot of work as a sign painter.  She lost her boyfriend and a friend.  I lost two friends and my virginity in an unpleasurable event.

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Great story! must tell mine soon its good even if I say so...

Sorry it was a terrible experience. Mine first wasn't but my second was everything I wish it wouldn't have been - even the person. Life sucks sometimes.

A guy I know at school punched the wall and broke his hand because he got his cousin pregnant. You didn't get her pregnant, so it wasn't totally bad.