Over Before You Know It

I remember I had contemplated it for months before it actually happened.  Even though I was rebelling against religion, I did still have some of the morality from it.  However, my own family home had a pretty ambiguous moral structure.  I told myself that sex was only for married people but if I was legally able to be married, I would.  I love him and he loves me and that's why people get married so it's not a big deal.

I thought it would be this incredible experience with sparks flying where I could physically express my love to the other person.  We could literally be one and whole just like we were in our hearts and souls.  I also believed that it would be sexually gratifying and feel amazing.  Man, I was so wrong!!!

We were in an old, abandoned house in the middle of the winter.  Some matresses and clothes were still there.  Him and I played ***** poker.  I put my virginity up for a finally bet while we were on our last article of clothing.  (It was a rigged hand, I'd find out years later).  The fooling around part was fine since we'd been doing that for months.  But then came the actual act.  I was freezing, dirty, embarassed, and scared.  I looked away modestly as he put the condom on but he insisted that I see.  The condom was obviously too small.  It didn't hurt like I expected but it didn't happen for more than a few moments!

I hate to say that I was so disappointed!  People talk it up so much and it's nowhere near as glamourous!

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I think you should submit your story to the outstanding website, The Virgin Project. go to www.virginproject.com and fill out the submission form. You could even cut and paste your account here. The cartoonist might sellect it to illustrate in his next volume. Two books have been produced already.

And you say that guy Loved you? Wow.. good thing.<br />
It'll get better - when you're with someone who is more interested in YOU than just a good time...

oh sweetie. I feel bad for you. Making love is wonderful and very fullfilling. But there is a difference between making love and *******. Id prefer making love. Its two halves ******* together as one being. one essessnse. nirvana!

I liked your story wish there were more details

my first time was with my mother it was the best

I know its ok for me to say but its always the first time with a/body cause the excitement will make them c@um too quick.