He Never Even Took My Shirt Off...

I was seventeen and it was fall. We were alone.

Not the age I wanted, but at least I got the season down.

The room needs to be visualized.

--The room is painted light blue with small white clouds covering the cheery color. To the far left side of the room is the bed, my bed. It is still evidence of my immaturity, as it is brightly colored with pink pillows and small stuffed animals. I have slept in this bed since infancy...but the bed has changed since then.. I have changed.--

The boy sitting next to me is Greg. When asked what my extracurriculars were in high school, answering "Greg" would have been sufficient.

We sat holding hands, one of my legs casually suspended off the side of mattress moving forward and back. Startling me, the phone rang.

"Hellooo PReettyyy!!" exclaimed the voice on the other end, and my face instantly glowed. It was Erika, my best friend, without exception.

"Hello there!" I answered.

"Sooo....did it happen?  Do you still have your big V?" she asked without embarrassment.

Erika had known that Greg was here by unusual circumstances- my parents were gone, leaving the kids to roam freely. Knowing that Greg would be staying with me, Erika and I had planned this weekend to the THE weekend.

"No...I wanted to, but well..I don't know.." I stuttered out, hoping that Greg was not paying attention. Of course Greg was paying attention.

"Well.. let me know what happens.. I love you, pretty face.." Erika said quickly before getting off the phone.

This is when it all changed. This is the exact moment that I realized what was going to happen. I quickly convinced myself that an opportunity like this was not going to resurface and I didn't want the perfect moment to pass me by.   Greg, still holding my hand, began to slowly kiss my neck. My heart was beating so loudly, I was sure that he could feel my ridiculous pulse beneath his beautiful lips. Keeping my eyes wide and starring off through the window, I started to speak to Greg.

"I think I am ready" I said, attempting to not sound like a poor ending to a teenage 80's movie.

Greg quickly released my sweaty hand and maneuvered himself between me and the window, breaking my starring contest with the outdoors. "Are you sure?" he asked.

I only nodded.

I reached for his belt, as he reached for my jean zipper. I fumbled with the clasp, and was shaking when I unzipped him, as he helped me take off the remainder of his clothing, I couldn't see clearly. My mind was clouded with anticipation and fear.

He was naked, and I was not. First problem.

Swiftly taking off my jeans, he threw them on to the floor. Everything had moved so quickly up to that moment. It seemed that time needed to make up for the the hustle, so it slowed to a molasses-like state. He carefully took off my underwear with both hands, laying them on the bed beside me.

He ran his rough dark hands over my legs and my breasts once more before inching his way closer to me... and as he took my mouth with his, he kissed away my innocence and stole my heart.

There was no pain, no sudden burst of pleasure. It was an absence of all things expected. Greg was inside of me for no more than thirty-seconds. 

He never even took my shirt off.


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I love this story


Sounds like a perfect first experience....Very normal..First for both of you.

He seems like a really sweet respectful guy.

wow, i cud use a cigarette too!

wow i dont even smoke and i want a cigarette too...

well sounds like a real experience

no regrets. :)

Seriously though, that's just great, haha. xD<br />
<br />
It sounds really sweet in a way. No regrets?

jeeze i need a cigarette now