My First Time...

I would like to say it was romantic, with lit candles, wine, and a candle lit bedroom. I would like to say that it was more that sex, that it was a deep connection between two souls, flesh melded into one being. I would like to say it was something from Keats or Shelly, or some trashy romance novel, or that I was even old enough to understand the possible repercussions, but I wasn't. I was 12, she was 13. We were at school, 6th grade, PE hour. She was never my girlfriend, nothing more than an aquaintance. Looking back, I realize that it was simple curiosity, not to satisfy the need for carnal knowledge, as I had thought then. I took her there in the school, in the girls locker room, on the changing bench. We, of course, had planned this in study hall the previous hour. We waited, making out in a janitorial closet, blindly and clumsily groping one another, revelling the reactions in our bodies. After the bell rang and the locker rooms emptied, we went into the girls' locker room. I, being too young to understand the concept of foreplay, took off my clothes, and she took of hers. I wish I could say that I teased and taunted her, romanced and wooed her, but I was 12. I entered her, marvelling at the secret wetness, she looked like she was in pain, but she told me not to stop. I pumped harder and faster, she moaned and her breath came ragged and heavy, and in mutual ecstasy, we came. I distinctly remember just before I came thinking I had to pee really bad, but that was not the case. I experienced my first ****** that day, hurried and rushed. We put our clothes back on and ditched what was left of PE to go smoke cigarettes. The whole ordeal lasted about 15 minutes from start to end. We spoke to each other in passing, but that was all. Since then, I have learned the value of foreplay, and what to touch how hard, what way, and where to heighten my partner's experience. I have become very good at what I do. I will never forget my first time, though.
Lucavi Lucavi
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8 Responses Jul 15, 2007

That girl sounds kinda like a *****.

nice hair though it is sexiii

are you guys kidding that is so gross i have 11 year old twin step brothers who i love very much and i cant even imagine them doing that!!!!!!

thanks for sharing.i think those are the inocent experiencenses in our lives.

aw thats cute. it may not seem very romantic but its a great story.

Yeah. I was never one of those kids who thought girls had cooties. I was kissing girls when other kids were in little league. I developed early lol.

Wow.. you were very young werent you!

Great story, thanks for sharing