My First Time With a Girl

It was May 20, 2008 (yeah I remember the date) and we were taking my gf's dad's mini-yacht (her family is kind of rich) from Nassau to Miami, FL, where we were then to drive to Orlando to Disney World. So we had been going out for about 3 weeks and she felt close enough to me at this time to ask me to go with her brother and uncle on their yacht where we would be with them only until we docked in Miami and then we would go by ourselves to Orlando. We had both just graduated from high school about a week before, so this was sort of our graduation present. Anyway, we we left on May 19, and for the first day we mostly just lied out on the deck and tanned, talked, and drank a little bit while her brother and uncle were navigating. The thing I remember the most was the sunset all around you on the ocean, it makes you feel so small. That night we docked in Freeport, Grand Bahama to refuel. Nara (my ex-gf. I don't think I have told you her name yet) and I slept in the same bed, but I think we were both tired. I think we both wanted to try something, but we were afraid to be the one to make the first move. It was a very awkward, silent, sleepless night. The next day we awoke to find that we were once again at sea, and land was no longer visible on either side. That day we mostly talked, called our families, and drank (probably a little too much). It was about 8PM and the sun was setting and we were both a fair amount drunk (enough to do something stupid without thinking). I think that her uncle and brother noticed because it seemed like they were pruposely staying away from us, maybe expecting us to do something ;) . At this point we were both in the boat's hot tub on the back of the deck, with all-spanish reggaeton music playing (her family is from cuba) and we began flirting with eachother as if we had just met in a bar, spewing corny pick-up lines. While doing this, we were unintentionally moving closer to eachother and before either of us knew it, her hand was on my left breast, slowly moving its way down as I our lips moved closer at the same speed, in the kind of syncronized eye closing, lip parting, lip locking perfection that you only see in the movies. At this point her hand was passionately parting the front of my bikini bottoms from my waist, giving her hand room to continue its southward exploration. My right hand had untied the back of her bikini, causing her top to fall loosely over the front, revealing her well proportioned breasts. I began to kiss her left nipple while caressing the other with my right hand. My left hand was on her right thigh, working it's way up toward her waist. Her hand was inside of my bikini bottoms now, rubbing my rock hard **** in a slow, circular motion. After a few minutes of this, I worked my hand to her bikini bottoms and pulled them to her left side, wedging them in between her left thigh and her vagina. I began doing the same thing that she had been doing to me. We were both holding back moans, though I wouldn't be surprised if her uncle and brother knew what we were doing (I still don't know).  This being my first time, I was a little reluctant to be the one to take it to the next step, but I was so into the moment that I did anyway. I remember bringing my mouth to her ear and whispering "I need to eat your ***** now." She smiled and kissed me, stood up (her top being completely off now), and took my hand, helping me up. I don't know if she forgot or if she didn'tcare, but she left her top on the edge of the hot tub. Holding my hand, she led me to our room. "Me first" she said as she layed me down onto the bed. She got on her knees and moved closer toward me, spreading my legs apart. She quickly untied the sides of my bikini bottoms and tossed them across the room, revealing my wet, hairless *****. She looked up at me and grinned, nad began teasing me with her tounge, licking around the ****, purposely missing the part which causes the most pleasure. I started to beg, "please, please" and she obliged. she brought her entire moth to my ***** and began flicking my **** with her tounge, cupping her lips around my vaginal lips, and began licking the entire vertical length of it, consuming my flowing juices. It was only about 30 seconds later when I had my first ******, my vaginal muscles clamping, contracting, my entire lower hald was numb with peasure. Noticing this, she crawled onto the bed, leveling her head with mine, and we began sharing another passionate kiss. I could taste my own juices on her tounge. I moved my hands down her slender back and down to her bikini bottoms, untied the sides and dropped them off of the side of the bed. Our lips parted, and she scooted her pelvis forward, until it was hovering over my head. She knew that I wanted it, so she kept her ***** just high enough that Icouldn'tget my mouth to it without sitting up. After another few seconds of begging, She lowered herself onto my mouth and leaned back so she could massage my **** while I was eating hers. She made no effort to hold back her screams of pleasure, and before long I felt her muscles contracted, sending more of her juices into my mouth. I had my second ****** as I brought her to her first. She lied back down ontop of me and we shared her juices through another passionae kiss. Locked together, I rolled over so that now I was on top. I kissed her entire length as I positioned my self  into a 69 postion. I spread my legs further so that I was low enough to allow her to eat me out while I ate her out from the opposite direction. Our heights corresponded almost perfectly to allow this.  We shared our juices with one another for another 30 minutes, us each having at least 5 ******* alon the way. She sat up and confessed to me that she wanted to try something that she hasd never tried before but always had wanted to. (she had sex 3 other times with girls before this) I sat up and faced her as she said that she wanted to try 'scissoring', which I knew about, but had never thought of doing before. I told her that I didn't know how to position myself for it so she lead. She leaned back and spread her bent legs to the side. "Do the same thing that I'm doing but put your legs through the space between mine." I obliged and brought myself into position. I pulled her closer to me with my legs until our vaginas were touching. "Perfect" she said and we began to thrust our pelvises up and down toward eachother, our hard clits rubbing together each time. I never imagined that this would feel as good as it did. We did that for another half of an hour, moaning and *******, our wet ******* lubricating eachother. By this point it was almost midnight. We finished by laying in the sheets and tounge kissing, running our fingers through eachothers hair. We both woke the next day looking out the window to Miami's skyline. I sat up in bed and gazed into her eyes. We shared a grin that said that we both just had the best night of our lives.

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Wow!!! What an incredibly sexy, intimate, passionate experience!! Thank you for sharing!! I am SO turned on by this and you've inspired me to share my first time with a woman as well. It truly is an amazing experience.

You really are a very talented writer. Your use of words and details is exceptional! If you enjoy writing you should seriously look into some sort of outlet or opportunity to develop and build upon what you already know. Good writers are hard to come by.

Take care hun. <3

Brianna you must be a tasty treat

oh yeahh baby. sooooo sexy!!!! i wanna do that so bad. my ***** is dripping just reading this. message me..

amazing it was.... i kept massaging my cl!t while reading ur story...

Wow.. I'm totally straight, but you got me all wet, wanting to try this..

Thats sexy as ****. I would love to do all those to you, you'd have to deep throat my **** though babe. Have a nice day sexy

wonderful story of loving another.

Oh boy that made wanna get scissored so much!! I'm not even lesbian and this story made me wanna try it so much! Uuuuugh I got so wet and horny from that story uuughh

Lets scissor 😏 I wanna feel that *****.

soooo sexy...wanna try that....mmmmmmmmm....

i love scissoring. <3 i don't care what people think, I like it very very much.

ooooo you left me with a big horn ....

That sounds amazing, i am bisexual and have always wanted to scissor with a woman but never tried it..

I want my first time with a girl to be like this i never been with a girl and i want to so bad

Let me lick your ***** I'm straight but I've always dreamed of trying it making her scream my name (;

Make me scream baby

bullshit :-)

I loved your story! So much detail- made me hot!

That would b so hot 2 c

One of the best stories on EP

You tell a very erotic story.. Write somemore...[lease.

ive devoted my life to study all things sexual, im a very sexual person have been since i can remember but reading this has reminded me, being a man, i could never experience this. please add me as a friend you seem "like minded"

My GF and i read your story together and got very ****** !! Just wanted to say thank you!!

I wish i woulda been there8)...*********!

Arent first times so great? I remember mine and I can only wish I could relive that time in my life with what I know now.

a very long and very good story, perfectly described an intimacy between girls

I would have pushed her knees behind ears and layed my ***** right on to hers. "Scissoring" is not intimate.

very hot and sexy. not focusing on work now :-)

holy **** thats hot:)

That was a very sweet story i loved it . I was touched by it.

OMG i want that sooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girl on girl is amazing. Rubbing 2 wet, swollen ******* together is so hot! I could do it for hours. It's also sexy to rub your puss on other parts of the body. I also like to straddle a girls face & ride her tongue. It gets the clitty & my hole both what a rush. I think the sexiest w a girl, was being fingered under my skirt, in a lesbian club, in front of my boyfriend. He & a few hot girls had a perfect view of my slit. When I climaxed, she was sucking my nipple & I was facing at least 7 people looking at her fingers play in my box. I had one of those shuddering *******. She finished off by sucking her fingers, then French kissing me. O M G!!!

god i wish my first was good like that i was 13 i cam in like 2 minutes if that

WOW!! You should be a writer, and yes I messed my pants..

Your story is very romantic and makes me miss my ex-girlfriend.

very sexy

beautifull story, would have been divine to taste each of your delicious ****** after you had finished scissor ******* each other mmmm

Very sexy! Wish I was there! Love reading stories like this!

What a story brianna, that has well and truly distracted me from my work in the office haha, great stuff!

I've slept in the same bed with a girlfriend. We were young, it was a sleepover. I don't know why but I've never had a girlfriend in a sexual way.

Very cool Brianna. Bi women are the best!

Love to be watching your "action" ... actually being part of it as a 3-some would be better ... but I'd sure be satisfied pleasuring myself and watching ... That was one hot story and thank you for sharing it. As a voyeur, watching two ladies make passionate love together is on my favorites list :-)

n i c e :)