I remember my first time, of course I do. It was only a few months ago. 


I was 18, and it was with the boy of my dreams [so far]. We had only been dating for 2, 3 months... it doesn't seem like a lot, but we had spent so much time together before he officially asked me out. He had met the family, I had met his, etc etc. He never pushed me to do anything, but we had gotten really far before we had sex. We had actually gotten to the point where we were naked, hot and sweaty, just rubbing against each other. I probably tortured the poor boy. X] He took it like a champ though.


Anyways! It happened over 2 nights and one day. I know, wtf am I talking about?! Haha, well the thing is, I had decided that I wanted to have sex for my first time in a sleeping bag under the stars. Pretty romantic, eh? I thought the summer would be a good time for this. He was willing to wait. However, I was not. We would just get so into it, that one night while we rubbed against each other I started to pull him into me. Or at least aim him towards my opening. He stopped and asked what I was doing, and if I was okay. I said I was. We didn't get any farther until the next night, when he got a little further inside of me [with a condom on] and he came within 1 minute. X] He considers that the night I lost it, but it wasn't. He hadn't gotten all the way in.


The next day, we were upstairs in his room which he shared with three other boys. Gawrsh, I know, teenagers. X] Anyways, they were all gone for Christmas Break. We were alone. That morning I felt like it was going to happen. It hurt, a little... not too much though, especially considering he's quite well endowed. It was more of the pressure of him all the way inside of me, stretching out places that I'd never felt before. It was a bit uncomfortable, but he stared into my eyes the whole time and touched my face. He told me he loved me. I remember when we did it, thinking it was like poetry, feeling elated. I felt like I had done the right thing, waiting for someone special.



I still feel like I did the right thing! Even if we break up, I know that I will never regret giving him my virginity. He has always showed me respect and I know he truly cares about and loves me. The second and third times were far better. I felt tingly all over! Our sex just keeps getting better.  


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to sweet :( lol yuck

so sweet

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Good on you, girl. You rock!