Nothing Too Special

Well it was a month before my 17th birthday, and I was leaving for the summer and I figured I had tourted him long enough after 6 months of asking me. So we final did. It was good. But it was both of our first times so it wasn't that special but it was with the right person. Lol we were so hot after we went outside and cooled off. XD and we are still going strong and the sex is better than ever:)

piperperson12 piperperson12
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 21, 2009

nice to hear a good first time story from a woman. I have heard a few over the years and this is the first nice one...DD

I love good first time stories. Kudos and love to you both! x

I love hearing stories like this! I'm so glad it was a positive experience for you, and you shared it.