Best Friend's Brother - It Was Grrreat!!

My best friend talked me into letting her much older brother do me. She & I had done a lot of sleep-over exploring w/ each other and he had been my idol for a long time.  Once I agreed, it took days to arrange.  I was nervous & eager the whole time. The 3 of us finally got together in their basement rec room.  No formalities.  Everyone took their pants & underpants off standing there. His **** was already stiff. I'd seen a couple of boners before but his was big. They did it first so I could see. There was no foreplay. She lay on her back, he used some hand cream on her lips and pushed his way inside. I was right down on my knees watching from inches away!  The 3 of us talked about it when they were done, I got to check them both out. I liked the way she felt inside, all warm & gooey.  I had never handle a **** before. I felt him get a ***** in my hand and then it was my turn to lay on my back. With a little lube and a few pushes I was no longer a cherry. He could have taken longer to get it all inside and I could have picked a guy with a smaller **** or a slower, gentler stroke for my 1st but I enjoyed it.  I didn't notice him come but he did and it ended. I was sore for days after.   We did it quite a few times over the next few months until the 2 of them got caught doing it in his bed.  I have no regrets.

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Glad your first time went well what happened when they were caught and by who

I think parents should support brothers and sisters enjoying themselves together so that the parents can supervise.

Real brother. Yes, I know people get all freaked about the ****** thing and rightlyy so in most cases. Truth is, she was very much enjoying it and not being exploited or bullied in any way. I think a certain amount of sexual exploration between sibs, cousins, & friends is normal and healthy. The thing to guard against is lack of consent & peer pressure.