2 and a 1/2 Years

Let me start off by telling you about me and my now fiance. He was 15 {almost 16} and I was 16. He was a troublemaker, pothead and had already lost his virginity {a whole other story} anyways I was the do gooder, goody goody barley kissed a guy. We started dating early 10th grade year and it started off horrible. we dated and broke up idk how many times. anyways before i lost my virginity all we had did was fool around. so um we are fooling around when he asked if he could "tease me" with it well it went to far and he went all the way in me. I started to freak out so i told him to stop {he didnt get off}. Anways a few days later we went all the way and we are still together. {WE are both 18}

nagymar1025 nagymar1025
18-21, F
Feb 27, 2009