Found Out But Funny

I tried to have sex but i soon realized that my body was not funtoning like a body should and wound up having the girl teach me lessons on how to be more "ladylike" in bed. She even let me put on her pantyhose and practiced foreplay. I could not ****** any other way and even today it always takes forever. I guess I became "one of them" that night. lol    

Lyndsey2u Lyndsey2u
61-65, T
4 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Sometimes my meds get in the way so I can' really let go and just get a teaser of a ****** -- meds to feminize me make me female with the things that go with it!

Time for my cold shower. I completely understand.

omg i just cannot get enough at all I mean it leaves me wanting more and its like digging into a big bag of candy I need more than one piece I want the whole bag ---- uugh even if it makes me sick later if that makes any sense

I think many of us that strive to be more ladylike in the bedroom have similar problems of taking more time or orgasming any other way...giggle