My Wedding Night

My first time was on my wedding night with my husband. It was in a hotel room, and it was also his first time, so we were both kind of learning together, which made it kind of funny! lol It wasn't the greatest because as soon as he went in me only half way, he came! LOL But after he got the jitters out of his system, it was alot of fun

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My wife and I were both virgins and had no experience at all. I think we should have waited until the day after our wedding but my bride wanted to connsummate our vows. It wasn't really about sex and it wasn't much fun for either of us but we are close and there has never been anyone else.<br />
Our sexual exploits have been very intimate and exciting for a very long time and we both feel that we have a better sexual relationship because of the love and trust we have.<br />
Who knows if it would have been more enjoyable to have had it off with every promiscous person we meet? Obviously you can't have it both ways, there is just the two of you or there isn't, but we think we have more fun.

every time i meet my boyfriend to have my first sex i always reject is that am afraid or that am not ready i dont know

I completely agree... which is why my boyfriend and I are waiting. :-)

Learning together is the best way. You have to have a sense of humor about it... and a lot of love!

LOL! I hated when I was young and quick! But at least when you're young... you can go again, and again and again!