Sexually Active 11-13 Yo. Am I the Only One?

I am new here but have always wanted to express memories of my first time(s) having sex. Am I the only one who was sexually active at 11 years old? It wasn't molestation or anything negative. We were only 6 months apart in age. After so long trying to forget about my early experiences, now I look back on them very positively. What made it difficult to look at positively was that all of the sex was with another boy. We started taking off our swimming trunks and touching eachother in the pool and having swordfights when we were both 10. After that, we started watching all the **** videos his father had left when he divorced. As we were both the kids of single working moms, we spent alot of  sleepovers at the others' house. Even at 10, we were taking off our pajamas in bed and trying the things we saw in the videos. By the time I we were 11, we were doing sleepovers pretty frequently and ************ eachother, trading ******** and 'buttfucking' (just in the butt cheeks). At that point we were both pre-puberty, so it felt good, but there was no climax. My "first time" ******* at 12 wasn't a wet dream but outdoors in a field while he was giving me a *******. I'll never forget the experience. But whenever the 'first wet dream' talk comes up, I've never had the courage to admit that my first *** was in another boy's mouth. He certainly wasn't shocked and swallowed right down.  The first few months after was some of the best oral sex I've ever recieved. The frequency of sleepovers picked up after that, and even having sex right after school become pretty common. Especially once he started to *** about a half year after me. Then I was the one swallowing. Then he figured out how to get lube from the local drugstore (we learned  from the **** videos to use lube) and then started to have real anal sex.  We both felt so smug at school hearing all the boys talk about sex but we knew we were doing those things. But we knew enough not to brag about it. By 13, we were sleeping over 3-4 times a week and having sex of some sort almost daily. Just before I was 14, he and his mom moved and it all ended. I consider myself as straight, yet I now have accepted the fact that I've swallowed *** maybe a thousand times (that's how frequently we were in eachothers pants) and that the sex we had was fun, uninhibited and  not anything to be ashamed of - it was great sex. But am I the only one? Didn't anyone else have regular sex at those ages? If so, was it with someone of the same sex? I'd like to hear from others on this. And out of all these other groups on this site, if anyone has any ideas where else to post this, I'd like to know as I would really like to find others who have had similar experiences.



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I started playing with friends by 6yo just fondling. But by10 we were sucking each others penis. Then about the time I started to be able to (um we got into anal sex. I like dressing in skimpy panties and fantasizing about being girl, makes it exciting when I'm taking it in my hole and the feel of (um shot up my @ss!

My first sexual experince were with my brother. There were other boys. At that age girls were not sexual active. Boys were just horny and curious. It was the best sex being nude with another boy and holding each other.

That would have been sooooo much more awesome if it was a girl WOW but then you could not be able to sleep over>>>

I was having regular sex at this age but it was with the opposite sex, wud of started when i was about 10 like urself lol always taught i was the only one to start so young

I'm sorry to have to say this, but you are one sick ****. And voyer, that comment you made about sucking your step-brother off is totally unnecessary and really sickening.

Although I haven't really seen anyone comment on any similar extended experience, I'm sure there are some who have also done this. I hope to find some of those folks and hear their story.