My First Time...

 My first time was just last year. I've been with a girl but not a boy. It was with my boyfriend of 4 months. He invited me to his dorm one night but he said he wouldn't try anything so i said sure. So i came over that night to watch a movie. We were just watching the movie and before i knew it he was trying to pull my sweat pants down. I was like "wait wait" over and over. He just kept saying "just relax i'm make you feel good". So he was tugging on my pants but they were tied tight and it was hurting my hips because he just keep tugging. So i just untied them because it was getting annoying. So he went down on me it felt really d**n good. So i was shocked about what was happening and just laid there. Then he stuck it in and the pain got me out of shock fast. He flipped me in like every position...which im sure was too much for a first timer. Sex wasn't what i expected very messy (at least for us)  I was really loud he kept telling me to be quiet but i couldn't help it. The next day he told me that the dudes who stay next to him heard embarrassing but i wouldn't go back and un do it. It felt good all the times after that. :P

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Nov 8, 2009