My First Time With A Hooker...Ugh!

Okay, so this is messed up.

I'm a virgin (technically, still, which should give you an indication as to where this story is headed), 21 years old. I've never had a steady enough girlfriend for any kind of intimacy to develop. I'm more than decent with women, but I'm simply not the kinda guy to pick up a girl at a party and have a casual one-nighter.

So, yeah. I've been single for over a year now, and was kind of getting bored of ****, and thought, 'What the hay, I'm going and getting myself a hooker tonight". So I went out to this sort of pick up joint nearby (Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai) which is famous for prostitution, and tried my luck.

I couldn't bring myself to do it, at first, sort of just driving around the spot aimlessly, thinking, "Okay, I'll stop this time around".

I finally got out of my car, and within like 2 minutes I had this one chick come up to me in a rick (it's like a cab, for people not from India). She was quite cute, I asked her how much, she told me, I was cool with it, and I set off. I was taken to this seedy motel nearby and had to pay for a room for a while (an hour is the standard over there). I didn't know I had to pay for the room as well, so I was flat broke by the time the cash transaction was complete.

So, I thought, now finally, I'm going to get the real deal. This is it, my big moment.

...and then it was the biggest let-down of my life. First up, the deal that I had unwittingly paid for, was just for the chick to drop her pants, and let me go about my business. No oral, no feeling around, no foreplay, no different positions, nothing. So, essentially, I was stuck in a room with a woman that had absolutely no interest in me, smelling of cheap perfume, and not even willing to show me as much as her ****. I mean, I had pretty much figured that this would be like one of them **** flicks where you get started with some head, and then finally get to the actual banging, for lack of a better word. But then again, I thought, fine, you know what, I've paid for this, lets make the most of it. So I'm there, one top of her, feeling like a fool, completely disconnected, essentially on top of a girl thats fully clothed from the midriff upwards, unable to even get a friggin hard-on! Because, well, I wasn't turned on at all! It was just such a complete let-down

It was humiliating! It lasted for 10 minutes of pointlessly trying to get something going, with a half stiff penis that was constantly dropping out of her, when I got sick of it, and said, "**** it, I can't do this". Put my pants on, and just got the hell out of there.

So, technically, I've ruined my 'first time', as it were, by wasting enough money to get me a dinner in a five star restaurant, on a useless, cheap *****.

In effect, what I want to get across for everyone else out there (you guys in Mumbai, in particular!), do NOT ever waste your money on a cheap hooker, thinking it will be worth your while, because it's not. It was the most humiliating, embarrassing experience of my life, and I almost wanted to puke by the time I got back home. If you're horny enough to just bang whatever's in front of you, well, then, good on ya, but if you, like me, are (were, I don't know) a virgin, who's just sort of desperate to get their first time out of the way, then don't waste your time and money on this sh*t. Get a proper, expensive hooker, that's guaranteed to give you a good time, or wait for the right chick to come your way, because it's just. not. worth it.

I feel like an effing fool right now, and it sickens me to think that the first time I tried to bang a chick, I was scammed, and couldn't even get a hard on, let alone have a good time.


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Can someone tell me where juhu Tara road is?

Some of the best sex you could ever have is with a hooker. You just had one that wasn't so good.


I think I can relate to this man. Ya, it sucks to the core. It's so damn mechanical. Hell, ******* off would be better! Something is NEVER better than nothing.

hey you guys,i heard male prostitutes also stand near juhu tara this true?

Darlin', you just picked a bad chick. Some of us, how you'd say, more experienced girls can tell a virgin just by looking at him....and, with that being the case, would make your first time a pleasurable experience.....I've NEVER had anyone not get hard for me.... :-)<br />
<br />
I obviously don't know your area but they sound pretty crap. At the end of the day, I'm one of those hookers that give VFM (Value For Money) because I want someone to come (no pun intended!) back for me again and again, like what I do have...<br />
<br />
You'll find the right girl.....just stop thinking about the 'mechanics' of it all and just go with the emotion....<br />
<br />
Samantha xx

The very first comment only a crack head spits advice that makes sense when ur on crack. What u said was either very intelligent thinking sober, which I doubt or ur high. Either way I can "get on ur level" to what ur saying. If u have a mind like mine, hell of an analyzer and a great manipulator then try cloud 9 look it up, its classified as "bath salt". Only get it of u don't mind being up all night. It's like Vivance. For u who don't know what that is, Vivance is just like aderal on steroids and you talk non stop. About everything. Cloud 9 is the easiest helper to get laid with if you use it correctly. You.will have tje most confidence you ever had. Ur peaceful and ur true self come out and u feel like superman and nothing can put you in a bad mood. My best advice is to wait. Time and place for everything. So wait till it feels right and then do it. Do what u want when u want, and worry bout tje consequences after. This is not for suicidal ppl. WARNING: YOU WILL PROLLY GO THROUGH WITH IT. THIS HELPER IS INTENDED FOR STONERS WHO HAVE A VERY GOOD IMAGONATION AND ARE HAPPY WITH LIFE. IF U DO IT BE PREPARED TO BE CHANGED...IN A GOOD WAY. U WILL DISCOVER HOW TO MAKE URSELF HAPPY, AND USE UR OWN ADVICE TO SOLVE UR OWN PROBLEMS U MAY BE FACING AT THE TIME. Don't feel bad bro, I got wayy too ****** up tonight and I bought 2 for a 3 some for $400. Couldnt get it up man even she stuck it in her and it was still limp, so we did the next best thing. We smoked 2 blunts on the beach and talked for 2 hours. Mad respect for them putting up with my ****. But I did convince her to to straight up to her pimp and through him her cell phone and quit. I knpw got a free date all day today with this ****. Haha. I win, but time and place to decide what I'm gonna do tonight.

Aww thats a sucky way for your first time to be wasted but don't worry nowadays there are plenty of girls who will do whatever you like just for buying em a starbucks:) Good luck on your adventures in your now existent sex life:)

You ******* loser...get a life

You ******* loser...get a life

I agree with javeachica,don't beat yourself up put it down to experience and go meet girls,talk to them join a volentary scheme or help out in hospital and take time to get to know girls and let them get to know you then you will find one who is caring and will start to have feelings for you,use the knowledge that you gained to make them feel special and let nature/your emotions do the rest and hers.