You Do It Like This...

When I was 12 years old, I had a serious crush on my sister's bestfriend. I was kinda like her puppy dog. She said fetch and I came back drooling all over the stick and praying that she would grace me with a smile. She stayed over at our house a lot. One night, she and my sister were sitting up in one of the bedrooms talking. I was bored, so I decided to join them. Inevitably, the conversation turned to boys and they each talked about how far they had went. No details were spared. I got very turned-on listening to them, to the point where I had to stuff a pillow in my lap to keep from touching myself. After a while, I went to bed. The room seemed so hot and I couldn't stop moving around, trying to find the right position. So, well, I did what most girls do when they're feelin' feisty and they think everyone is asleep. I'll let you use your imagination on that bit. The weird thing was, I was thinking about my sister's friend the entire time.

A few days went by, boring boring, and my sister's friend came over again. My sister wasn't there, so she decided to wait for her. My mother was asleep upstairs, but aside from her, we were all alone.

I sat next to Ally on the couch. We were watching Tv, not saying anything. Then I noticed that she kept gettingcloser and closer to me. I would scoot down and she would follow me. Finally, I was squished into the side of the couch and Ally was right up against me. She looked at me and she had this little smirk on her face. She told me she had seen me ************ the other night. I was kind of suprised, but not really embarrassed. I shrugged at her and went back to staring at the Tv screen, but I was watching her out of the corner of my eye. She started playing with my hair and blowing on my neck. She kissed thecorner of my mouth and I looked at her. She kissed me on the lips.

It wasnt my first kiss, but it was different from the others. Gentle and soft, lingering. And then she pushed her tongue into my mouth. That did shock me! Back then, I was really into the old black and white movies and I kissed the way the actors inthem kissed. And you never saw Humphry Bogart slipping Lauren Bacall any tongue. So I bit Ally's tongue hard enough to draw blood.

She spanked me! I'm not kidding! Painted my back porch red. I was more embarrassed than hurt and I tried to stomp off, but she grabbed me. I slapped in the face. She pushed me on the floor and straddled me, held the back of my hands against the floor. I was already as tall as her, but I was still really scrawny, so it didn't take much for her to overpower me. I think that's what turned me on the most. She started kissing me again, and this time I really got into it.

The rest of what happened is my business and not yours, but it doesn't take a genious to figure it out.
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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Can I ask how old your sister's friend was at the time?

Ha ha, smart. I wouldn't go any further either.