In Memory Of My Maternal Grandmother

My maternal grandmother had 3 granddaughters and one grandson. I believe that of the 4 grandchildren she had, I was her favorite. My mom,brother and I lived with my grandmother. My other two cousins lived in another state with my aunt and uncle. My grandmother didn't see them much after she moved to another state.

I remember one time overhearing my grandmother telling my mom that she would defend me and my brother to her dying breath. It's hard for me to imagine a grandmother who who would not. If something happened to my mom, she would be there. She would have challenged my father in court for custody if this happened.

I remember one time (this was during the summer) when I used my grandmother's bathtub to shower and didn't clean up after myself when I shaved my legs. She cleaned the shower. I did it again and she thought my brother had washed the dog in her bathtub and she read him the riot act the following morning. I remember her saying that she wasn't going to clean up after the dog again. Dog hair was in her bathtub she told my brother.. When my brother saw the mess, he knew the hair in the bathtub wasn't the dog's hair. Both of them then looked at me. My mom looked at me in disguist knowing that I did this.

Finally I told her I was the one who made the mess. She wasn't angry with me at all. Her entire demeanor changed. She would have been if my brother had done that.

My mom was furious with me and told me that I was going to clean up the shower. My mom and brother then left. I started to clean the shower but my grandmother told me she would take care of it which she did.. If my brother had actually done this, he would have had to clean the shower. I didn't do it again.

It was little things like this which made me think that I was her favorite. Shortly after my grandmother died, a friend of hers told me that she said that I was her favorite grandchild and favorite granddaughter.

nascarlucy nascarlucy
46-50, F
Nov 28, 2012