Plastic City

One of my Grandmothers was a little Italian woman. Dad's Mom. Immigrated to America in 1921. She accidentally scared the poo out of me. Her house was in "little Italy"..Italian district in our town. Few spoke English so there they felt comfortable...most were related.  Her English was horrible..She got miffed when we little ones didn't get what she was saying. Oh, she reverted to that helped me.  I did understand, " NO TOUCH!"   Every piece of furniture was covered in plastic. The sofa crunched when you sat down.  Our butts stuck on the cushion when sliding off. was a no win situation. Gramma had a neat off limit room.  A little space ..all white carpet, white walls..a Catholic shrine. All sorts of interesting things sat around the Madonna statue's feet.  We could stand at the door & peep in..that's it.  " Stay out..You no go there!"   Right.....I tried not to go there.One Easter day, 1957, I broke the sacred rule of no trespassing. I was perfectly dressed for the hanging if I were to be caught. Easter dress, matching coat, matching straw hat..white patent MaryJane shoes..white gloves. To the door way I stood.....look around..wait for he moment..think & rethink the crime I was about to commit..GO!  In I went. Lovely in here..a little too mesmerizing. Around the corner came you know who.I jumped across the threshold. God, she didn't see me!    "You no go there"!   Ok grandma..damn close & I never did it again...ever.
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Hi everyone. I also now remember one thing...mothballs.She had some stashed & it smelled like that for years.Even when she made spaghtti..the mothball aroma couldn't be smothered.All in all, it was a weird world at Gramma's.

I can well imagine it.<br />
Furniture covered in plastic?, that reminds me of The Nanny sitcom!

Hahaha glad ya made it out safe Wiseowl! I am sitting here laughing cause I was in quite a few homes with the plastic covers and they were truly awful and they really did stick to our butts. :)