I Remember Both Of My Grandmother's Houses

Mom's mother was always cooking....   She was an awesome Italian woman who cooked awesome Italian food. (I am not Italian... she was actually my step-grandmother, as my mother's natural mother passed away when she was just 3 yrs old, thus I never met her) I often ended up sick when we left her house, because I'd eat SOOOoooooo much.   All we did was eat!   I loved her so much - she was so positive all the time and full of love for everyone.  My grandparents lived in a row house in Brooklyn, NY on the second floor - but they shared a yard with the lady downstairs and they grew a garden full of fresh veggies that they'd cook fresh.  I remember how cool I thought her laundry line was, coming from that 2nd floor window.  I remember walking to the grocery store with Grandma when she'd watch me in the summer sometimes if my parents went on vacation, she had this little cart she'd wheel the bags back home in.  I remember the little store around the block that she'd send me to go buy tootsie pops for us... and the big grandfather clock in her living room.  I remember her watching "As the World Turns" & "Days of Our Lives" - the first soap operas I was ever aware of.  I also remember her poodle, and how funny it was when you'd wiggle the broom in the little nook between the fridge and the wall, and the dog would go nuts barking and growling, and wagging it's tail.

Mostly, I remember thinking to myself, when I grow up, I'm going to come visit grandma ALL THE TIME....   but she passed away when I was just 18, not long after my first daughter was born (24 years ago).   I still have dreams of her sometimes to this day, once in awhile I'll pass someone in a store who'll catch the corner of my eye and make me look - thinking it was her (even though I know that's impossible!)

Dad's mother was always miserable- if you asked her "how are you?" - she'd tell you exactly how bad her life was going in detail.  I remember the smell of the stairwell in her apartment building (YUK). I remember that she'd often make me homemade clothing, like neon green or peach colored pants with matching shirts (okay, it was the 70's!) & I hated that - but at the same time appreciated the fact that she was thinking of me when I wasn't around.  When visiting, I was usually sent in the small room to color and be quiet or look at old photo albums that mostly pictures of people I didn't know.   Sometimes I'd just sit quietly on the (plastic covered) couch and silently watch something on television.  The carpet also had plastic runners that you needed to be sure to walk on, as not to "ruin" the rug underneath.  I remember there was always a candy dish on the coffee table full of candy, but I was usually only allowed to have one piece and it was so tempting to me I wanted more!  I could never understand what she was saving it for.... she'd tell me "guests", but isn't that what I was?!?  I remember sitting down for dinner at her table and there was an awesome painted mural on the wall that I loved to look at, although I can't seem to remember right now what the picture was!  The food was usually not my favorite - she was German and it just didn't compare to all the awesomely fatty and sweet Italian food my other grandmother always had.  (but I never left feeling sick and full either!)   I did enjoy visiting with and seeing Grandma, I just wished our visits would end quicker because I was always bored as heck and got super antsy when I was over there!
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Jul 19, 2010