Grandparent's House


While she lived there for only about three more years after my grandfather died, I guess I always thought of it more as my grandmother's house.  He had it custom built and had the contractor put in many of the touches that she had long wanted - the built-in closets, the breakfast nook, the English dining room and the like.  While always a reserved person (a lady, as we would describe her many years later), she really enjoyed entertaining friends and family, whether for it was for a holiday gathering, a sit-down dinner or for coffee (and it never was just coffee, as the cakes, pies, cookies and pastries always came out).   It was here where she held court, being both a gracious hostess and a lively conversationalist.  

As for my grandfather, he seemed to take a lot of joy in that she was so happy here (they were in love for over fifty years).   And, he also got what he wanted in their dream house - a basement workshop where he could work on his projects.  Those usually wound up as treasured family gifts.  

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Feb 19, 2010