It was Cornwall in June last year

A couple of days in a tiny caravan by the sea

We carried our bodyboards through strong winds

Waded through dark choppy sea

Then whizzed back to the sand on sparkling surf

We enjoyed an evening performance at the Minack theatre

Ignoring theĀ roaring sea and howling wind

We sipped wine, ate sandwiches

And shivered with blankets over our knees

It was all Great Fun!

Orangetas Orangetas
51-55, F
3 Responses Jun 11, 2012

beautiful scenery. and what a pretty snake.

Sounds like lots of fun....except for the adders! Did you see any?

Not there but I saw one last week on the moor

I'll have to add this as a place I might like to visit sometime. Great pictures!

Thank you :)