They Damaged Me...

I remember my little ponies... I had the Computer game when I was little.

I played with my pony everyday, and loved it like any little girl would. I had always wondered what that bridge at the end of the "farm", with the rainbow was.

One day I asked my Gramma what would happen if I sent my pony "over the bridge/rainbow", she said press it and find out... So I did...

Guess What?!

I killed my freakin pony! I was so upset, she was gone.

I never played with the game ever again.

Recently gave the game to my little cousin; me and my Gramma laughed about how after I sent my pony over the rainbow and I never played with the game again.

I told my little cousin not to send her pony over the bridge/rainbow.

TiPoupon TiPoupon
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 18, 2008

If I was told not to send my pony over the bridge/rainbow that would probably be the first thing I would have done. Hope she didn't.<br />
What a horrible thing to happen in a children's game!