My Mom Got Arrested For Rape

My parents divorced when i was 8. I lived with my mom as she was a single parent. When i was 13 my mom got arrested for rape and forcible sodomy on one of her students. She worked as a math teacher at a local junior high. I had to move to my dad's and drop out of piano, voice lessons, and dance. Slowly I started cutting then stopped eating. I cant bring myself to talk to my family and i hate therapy. My friends try to make me stop but they don't talk to me about why i do what i do. They just say if i do it they will. I can be surrounded by people who i know love me but it feels like they don't care about the reasoning they just care that i stop. My mother was always overweight so i now have weight problems. When i eat i don't like what i see when i look in the mirror but when i don't i feel okay about, well, me. I just don't know what to do... my mom hasn't been sentenced yet so it feels like my life is up in the air and it could come crashing down at any time. If there's anyone out there that gets what I'm going through whether it's about the situation w/ my mom, my cutting prob, or my eating prob it'd really be way appreciated.
RobinYoLife RobinYoLife
Aug 12, 2010