Home Town

I can remember when the town looked like this. It was a small town with a lot of little businesses in old historic buildings. I was very young.

The top picutre is Main Street, the bottom picture is Allegheny Street, that crossed Main. These two streets were the main thoroughfares through town.

My father worked in one of the buildings on the left side of the street in the top picture. We used to go there to see him for lunch. The bank is the third building on the left of the same picture and it still remains today. That's just about the only thing that still remains from that picture. The church steeple on the left at the far end of the street is still there and the mountains, of course, remain the same, sleeping in the back ground.

I bought the locket I wore on my wedding day at Raup's department store, on the left side of the picture and the first building on the left still stands as the post office.

At Christmas time, the town strung gold garland and lights back and forth over the street between the buildings on either side, with a huge, chandelier-like decoration right in the center, over the street. The post office had a pine tree on the corner that was always decorated. All our parades were held on these two streets.

I've gone back, just to see the 'old stomping grounds' and was so disappointed to see how progress has erased so much of the stuff of my cherished memories and changed the over all 'feel' of the town. So much has changed. If I didn't know better, I would never know it was the same place. So much has been cleared away, demolished and either left barren or replaced with something more modern.

That makes me sad and a little heart sick. I know things can't remain frozen in time, but I wish they didn't have to change quite as much as they do.
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Oh I love those pictures. We share the same appreciation of our beloved memories. Downtown was fun and a social hub. It's crazy how they take so much! I get changes & improvements..when they rip it all out then that's lost history. At least you have pictures..I'm going to cherish mine. We did the Christmas lights that way too..it was lovely and set the mood for Santa.